NAB Show 2021: Discover new possibilities with our AI & ML-powered media workflows.

NAB Show 2021: Discover new possibilities with our AI & ML-powered media workflows.

Did you hear the news? NAB is back in person in 2021. After being held virtual last year, adjusting to the new normal, NAB is back in Las Vegas between October 9-13, 2021. NAB is the ultimate melting point and marketplace for people passionate about media, entertainment, and technology.

Every year, thousands of content creators from all genres of media, entertainment, technology gather at the NAB show. NAB is designed and imagined for those aiming to engage viewers in huge numbers and those striving to create extraordinary audio and visual experiences. NAB is the defining experience for everyone in the content ecosystem – from creators to distributors and management to monetization.

At NAB Show 2021, Digital Nirvana (Booth C2333) will feature solutions that transform and streamline broadcast captioning and metadata generation for today’s media companies. The company will demonstrate the game-changing capabilities of its Trance cloud-based transcription, captioning, and translation workflow and highlight the newest updates to MetadataIQ, its SaaS-based metadata-generation platform.

In the words of Hiren Hindocha, CEO of Digital Nirvana

“What we hear from the broadcast community is that automation and efficiency are key for today’s workflows. We look forward to sharing with NAB attendees how MetadataIQ can simplify and automate metadata generation and how Trance can create and export caption files with amazing accuracy using automatic AI-based formatting.”

Digital Nirvana products and services at NAB:

Trance – Cloud-based captioning and text localization

Trance is an easy-to-use, web-based application for automated transcripts, closed captions/subtitles, and translations for content localization. Advanced speech-to-text engines create highly accurate text transcripts of audio and video content. The powerful Trance user interface allows users to navigate easily, edit, and export caption files in all industry-recognized formats.

Built-in artificial intelligence (AI) and custom preset capabilities ensure captions confirm with style guidelines from various delivery platforms. Trance also provides automated translations in more than 100 different languages. Translated and original captions are presented side-by-side in the Trance user interface for easy editing and verification.

MetadataIQ – Automated metadata generation platform

MetadataIQ is a SaaS-based offering from Digital Nirvana that automates the generation of speech-to-text and video intelligence metadata, increasing the efficiency of production, preproduction, and live content creation services for Avid PAM/MAM users.

The system provides metadata enrichment of Avid assets by applying machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to create transcripts of video content. MetadataIQ automates the entire metadata generation process, including transferring video assets from Avid and ingesting the metadata as markers along with the asset. The 100% automated generation and ingestion of relevant metadata as locators into Avid helps editors identify relevant content accurately, saving time and effort.

MonitorIQ – Advanced compliance logging and monitoring

Digital Nirvana’s Monotir-IQ is one of the industry leaders as AI-powered compliance logging and monitoring tool that integrates with its MediaServices portal. The latest update of the product, MonitorIQ 8.0, performs on Linux operating system and all included software up to their latest versions. As a result, Digital Nirvana has eliminated security vulnerabilities, increased resiliency, made the system much quicker to navigate, and enabled new streaming technology with significantly lower latency for live video.

As the industry’s most reliable, secure, and easy-to-use broadcast monitoring and compliance logging platform, MonitorIQ allows operators to record, store, monitor, analyze, and repurpose content quickly and efficiently with a minimum of clicks.

Caption & Translation Services – Best of technology with human curation to deliver highly accurate captions

Digital Nirvana leverages two decades of speech-to-text and knowledge management expertise to deliver greater productivity with the shortest turnaround times, elevating the accuracy and speed of the captioning process. Our caption services provide exceptional closed-captioning, metadata generation, and transcription services.

Generate highly accurate transcripts, captions, and translations with cloud-based technology and automated AI-driven Natural Language Processing. In addition to our turnkey, done-for-you services, Digital Nirvana offers a SaaS-based application called Trance, which leverages your personnel and workflow to produce the same high-quality transcripts, captions, and translations in your environment.

You can visit and collaborate with our experts on October 9-13, 2021, at NAB at booth C2333, use our code “LV5384” and get an exclusive free pass. nFor more information on Digital Nirvana’s products and services, visit our NAB exclusive resource page or write to us at

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