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  • Localization – Global Content & Local Acceptance

    Hollywood Media-Processing Powerhouse Streamlines Closed Captioning with Digital Nirvana

    With headquarters in Hollywood and a presence around the globe, this media services company performs end-to-end processing and packaging of media assets that get published on multiple platforms, including OTT and broadcast.

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  • Transcription Services for Financial Markets

    Digital Nirvana’s Transcription Solutions for Financial Markets

    Client: One of the largest financial data providers in the industry was looking to outsource to a new transcription provider.

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  • Televisa-digital-nirvana-case-study

    Enhancing operational efficiencies for a leading Spanish media giant through AI-enabled multilingual translation, transcription, and closed captions

    Client: A major international entertainment company and the most extensive media enterprise in the Spanish-speaking world.

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  • Expanding the horizons of MonitorIQ system into advertising verification and marketing/media relations for a multinational cable holding company

    Adopting AI-Based Closed- Captioning for New Streaming Platform Requirements

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  • Accelerating the caption generation

    Accelerating the caption generation time and efficiency through Trance; the post production artificial intelligence (AI) captioning solution

    Client: One of the largest US TV networks that deal with major news and sports channels.

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  • Enabling AI-powered Transcription, Closed Captioning, and Translation With Elevated Speed and Efficiency for a Leading Provider of Entertainment Content

    Client: A New York-based American media conglomerate with operations in India.

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  • Adopting AI-Based Closed-Captioning

    Adopting AI-Based Closed-Captioning for New Streaming Platform Requirements

    Client: Large U.S.-based mobile video platform content producer headquartered in California

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  • Harnessing the Power of Media Monitoring

    Harnessing the Power of Broadcast Monitoring to Enhance Quality of Experience and Video Content

    Client:A New York-based American media conglomerate with operations in India choose Digital Nirvana’s

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  • Monitoring and verifying ad insertion data for Linear & OTT delivery systems

    Client: US-based global media and entertainment enterprise launching global OTT services 

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