Meet MonitorIQ! The ultimate Content monitoring, Compliance Logging, and Verification Solution!

Monitor ad performance issues, inconsistent service quality, compliance gaps, content monitoring challenges, and more in a single platform.

Empower Sales & Ensure
Ad Performance with MonitorIQ's Intuitive Ad Verification Tool

A game-changer for sales and executive teams, providing an intuitive self-service tool. Quickly spot-check ads, verify proof of performance, and effortlessly reconcile traffic logs with aired recordings, ensuring optimal ad performance and boosting sales effectiveness.

Ensure Exceptional Viewer Experience with MonitorIQ's QoE Monitoring

Revolutionizes viewer experience management with Proactive alarms for visual impairments impacting service quality. Gain visibility into every transmission and delivery point and validate the viewer experience with return path monitoring. Deliver flawless content and keep viewers captivated with MonitorIQ.

Streamline Internal and
external Compliance

Track and report on loudness compliance effortlessly. Ensure continuity by monitoring internal standards and practices. Stay compliant with close caption standards, including CC608, CC708, and international standards, with real-time alerting. MonitorIQ takes the hassle out of compliance logging for seamless operations.

Revolutionizing Content
Monitoring for Unparalleled Efficiency

Access one to hundreds of channel recordings from any web browser. Gain instant access to critical content and metadata with a single mouse click. Record content from any video or audio source and seamlessly view content in any combination of live or historical recordings. Competitive ratings monitoring to gain insights on performance. MonitorIQ takes content monitoring to the next level for unparalleled efficiency and control.

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Request a demo today to explore how our intuitive tools, proactive alarms, and comprehensive monitoring features can empower your team to achieve optimal ad performance, service quality, compliance, and content monitoring. See the difference MonitorIQ can make in your operations and take control of your success.

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