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MonitorIQ 6.1

Broadcasters need to collect and use knowledge about their broadcast content to meet a wide range of regulatory and compliance requirements. MonitorIQ from Digital Nirvana provides broadcasters a secure, easy-to-use solution that allows them to record, store, monitor, analyze, and repurpose content.

With the announcement of end-of-sale for the Volicon Observer broadcast monitoring and compliance logging product, Digital Nirvana helps Volicon customers migrate smoothly to its next-generation broadcast monitoring and compliance logging platform.

MonitorIQ 6.1 is a Next-Generation broadcast monitoring solution. Built on a reliable and secure Linux platform, it is extensible into broadcast operations with open APIs. It has access to AI-based cloud micro-services for Closed Caption Generation, Caption Quality Assessment, Caption Realignment, and Video Intelligence for objects, ads, logos, and facial recognition.

Features and capabilities of MonitorIQ 6.1:

  • Records content 24/7 or by program guide.
  • Records multi-language audio/video, VANC metadata, and CC/teletext/subtitles.
  • Built on a secure Linux platform, MonitorIQ 6.1 can exist in the cloud, on a virtual machine, or on enterprise hardware.
  • Reliable, scalable client-server architecture for multi-channel deployment.
  • Expandable storage via NAS Connect.
  • Ability to analyze the transport stream (TR 101 290), visualize stream errors in real time, and trigger alerts.
  • Fast, frame-accurate clipping with custom metadata annotations.
  • Fast search on all system metadata, including CC text, as-run log, traffic system, and custom metadata.
  • Records inputs from multiple sources, including but not limited to ATSC, SD/HD-SDI, ASI for MPEG-TS, NTSC, and IPTV (TSoIP SPTS and MPTS) for both audio and video streams on a single server. It can also handle radio channels (radio recorder plug-in required) and audio streams (AnyStream audio plug-in required) and can record OTT video in full-resolution HD and SD.
  • Supports output formats such as HLS, Flash, MPEG-1/2, MPEG-4, XDCAM, and H.264.
  • Easy user management with AD/LDAP integration.
  • Multi-lingual UI that helps in annotating clips and sharing them directly with social media.
Key Offerings of MonitorIQ 6.1
  • MonitorIQ 6.1 analyses logged content continuously for a variety of signal faults, including video loss detection, black screen, static screen, audio loss, and missing captions
  • MonitorIQ 6.1 can record the program or transport stream, analyze the recorded content, and send alerts based on the analysis. If issues are detected, customers immediately get notifications via email or SNMP traps
  • It identifies and displays SCTE 104 and SCTE 35 markers, updated to the latest standards. The application also lets customers pipe in the director’s audio along with the broadcast and provide it as secondary audio for analysis
  • NAVE decoding, logging, and alerting enable broadcasters or networks to ensure proper transmission and delivery of NAVE codes to Nielsen monitoring equipment.
  • MonitorIQ 6.1 can easily perform loudness tasks, such as monitoring and compliance verification, with BS-1770-2-, EBU R128-, and ATSC A/85-compliant loudness monitoring. It can automatically monitor the presence, quality, and compliance of closed captions, subtitles, and teletext and is integrated with Digital Nirvana’s Media Services Portal to correct closed caption alignment automatically on exported clips.
  • With MonitorIQ 6.1, users can create and search custom annotations. The application has Storyboard Frame Editor, a highly accurate frame editor that can extract frames from the original Transport Stream. It includes a feature that makes it possible to see frames in the video, expand them, mark them by frame, and do a frame-accurate cut clip, with an option for variable-speed playback.
  • With MonitorIQ 6.1, users can repurpose content on demand or by a schedule. An automated backup of logged content to the network drive provides a simple, effective, and reliable archiving solution. Content can be exported to network storage devices in batches such as ad verification, corporate website, and legal compliance in formats such as MPEG-2, MPEG-4, HLS, MPEG-TS, MOV, H.264, audio, Flash, and XDCAM.
  • MonitorIQ makes it easy to publish content to the web, social media, and digital platforms via Digital Nirvana’s Media Services Portal. Customers can have access to multiple APIs that facilitate integration to digital media platforms. The application fetches the content from Digital Nirvana via the APIs and integrates it into the customer’s workflow.
  • MonitorIQ can be seamlessly integrated with the Media Services Portal, Digital Nirvana’s comprehensive, one-stop suite of closed captioning and metadata enhancement solutions for immediate logging and feedback of content quality and compliance. The system automatically monitors closed captions and assures conformance of quality standards of digital platforms such as Hulu, Netflix, etc. Moreover, video intelligence integration helps to detect logos, ads, speakers, promos, and other visual data.
Why Digital Nirvana?

With a worldwide employee base of 750 and a North America-based 24/7 support team, Digital Nirvana serves major broadcasters, including CBC, Discovery, Hearst, Turner, Univision, and others. Its experience and expertise, backed by its global support team, ensures that customers get application-level availability, security, comprehensive visibility, and quick response to any queries or support requests.