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MonitorIQ provides broadcasters the most reliable, highly secure and easy-to-use solution, allowing operators to record, store, monitor, analyze, and repurpose content fast and efficiently with the fewest clicks possible.

Monitor IQ natively records content from any point in the video delivery chain, from production (SDI) to consumption (OTT) and everywhere in between. Monitor IQ goes beyond regulatory and compliance requirements, giving broadcasters access to valuable, next-generation tools for content processing and analysis.

Groundbreaking Enhancements in Monitor IQ 7.0

Based on the expertise of architects of the original Volicon Observer product, the improved Monitor IQ v7.0 design includes an updated and intuitive web interface, core feature improvements and new cutting-edge capabilities, making everyday tasks straightforward and effortless. Migration to Digital Nirvana's Monitor IQ solution not only provides all the key features of Volicon's beloved Observer product but also improves upon each one.

Advancements of Monitor IQ v7.0 include the following

1Single Click Access to Content and Metadata

Metadata for each asset is on one page. All metadata is timestamped and indexed to the video.

Thumbnail storyboard to easily identify content and quickly make frame-accurate clips

Closed Caption/Teletext/DVB Subtitles inspection, comparison, and export

BS1770-3 & EBU R128 Loudness measurements with instant clip measurements

Ratings Data Integration

Automated ingest of As Run Log, Traffic, or Schedule data integration

Comparison and analysis of SCTE 104/35, OP47 or X31 messages

Display NAVE, Kantar, or other Watermark technologies

Annotate video for troubleshooting or search and retrieval

AC3 metadata display


2Superior Clip and Share

Storyboard UI for the fastest and easiest media clipping, collaboration and sharing across the enterprise.

Storyboard layout with thumbnails every ten seconds of video

Quickly expand thumbnails to every second and every frame

Fastest identification of content for clipping

Mark in and out directly on the storyboard (fewest mouse clicks)

Export directly to NAS, local computer or email as link or attachme

Transcode to many different formats and codecs



SCTE 35/104




Advanced Media & Business Analytics

Competitive Advertisement Report

As Run based Loudness Report

Quality of Experience Report

Logo Discovery Report

Integration of AI & ML Services

Transcript generation for ads and content, which require indexing using speech to text (STT)

Face recognition for finding news content and Logo recognition using Video Intelligence

CC Conformance to assure content conforms to internal and external guidelines

Full workflows for an automated transcript, CC generation, and translation

Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Archive content locally or cloud-based

Automate archiving process or quickly expand storage

Archive high or proxy resolution/bitrate content

Bring the content back into the Monitor IQ UI

Explore the power of Digital Nirvana’s AI-empowered MonitorIQ

Our new MonitorIQ design includes an updated and intuitive web interface, core feature improvements, and industry-first integration with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services. We now give broadcasters all the key features of Volicon’s beloved ‘Observer’ product, improving upon each one to provide unparalleled broadcast monitoring and compliance capabilities.

MonitorIQ - The next-gen broadcast monitoring & compliance logging platform.


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