Next-Gen Broadcast Monitoring & Compliance Logging Platform


Broadcast Monitoring Redefined

MonitorIQ provides broadcasters a secure, easy-to-use solution that allows them to record, store, monitor, analyze, and repurpose content.

Stuck with legacy monitoring systems? Migrate smoothly to the next generation broadcast monitoring & compliance logging platform.

Turnkey Solution for Broadcast Monitoring & Compliance Logging

MonitorIQ comes with robust tools to capture, record, store, and stream video, audio, and data.

A perfect combination of the essentials and next-gen capabilities, MonitorIQ, with its intuitive web-based interface, enterprise scale reliability, and super search capabilities, is the best choice you will ever make.


Key Features & Capabilities


Records channels from multiple input sources including ATSC/DVB, SD/HD-SDI * , ASI – MPEG-TS, NTSC ** , IPTV (TSoIP - SPTS and MPTS): Both Audio and Video streams, Radio Channels (Require Radio recorder Plugin) and HLS

One-touch access to various metadata such as SCTE 104, SCTE 35, Closed Captions, As Run Logs, Loudness measurements, Traffic details, Cue triggers, etc. Easy user management with AD/LDAP integration

Provides scalable client-server architecture for multi-channel deployment; expandable storage via NAS Connect

Enables easy monitoring of errors through Transport Stream Analysis

What's New in MonitorIQ

MPTS Scan: MonitorIQ 6.3 provides users with the option to scan and add SPTS channels from MPTS URL

TS Alerts: Customers with TS Analysis plugin can configure alerts to report P1, P2, P3 errors (E-mail, SNMP or Trigger URL)

Dolby Metadata: Supports decoding and display of Dolby metadata

Record and Archive Content for Proof of Performance

One-Touch to Metadata and Content

Intuitive ‘Clip & Share’ Empowering Enterprise-Wide Collaboration

Autonomous Analytics Derived from Content

Integration with Digital Nirvana’s Industry Benchmark Advanced AI Speech-to-Text and Video Recognition

Black frame detection

Integration with Media Services Portal (AI/ML)

Video intelligence features for Ad Reporting, Ad Classification, Logo identification, Facial recognition, Speech to text/Subtitle Generation

Multiviewer functionality


Groundbreaking Enhancements for Better User Experience

Export clips from select audio streams & burn select caption streams. Increased MonitorIQ box density to capture more SDI channels with a single proxy. Improved viewer page stability to avoid browser crashes when more channels are loaded on to the page at a given time.

MonitorIQ - The next-gen broadcast monitoring & compliance logging platform.


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