Transcription, Captioning, and Translation workflow with the AI advantage

Accelerate and Manage Transcript, Caption and Translation creation with AI and ML capabilities

Trance is an enterprise-level, cloud-based closed captioning and translation solution. Through features such as high-secure cloud-based architecture, an integrated automatic speech-to-text (STT) engine, built-in automatic translation engine, and an easy-to-use interface, Trance brings significant new efficiencies to captioning and subtitling operations.

Amazing Workflow Efficiencies for Closed Captioning

Driven by AI and ML capabilities, Trance offers faster turnarounds, scalability, flexibility, and a host of features aimed at improving the throughput. The cloud-based microservices enhances productivity by over 50% due to automatic STT compared to conventional desktop applications. The configurable presets, automatic quality assurance, and conformance further results in improved efficiency of the overall process.


Key Features & Capabilities

Cloud-based, enterprise level workflow

Effective and automated workflow processes

An AI-powered platform for metadata enrichment closed caption generation and QA, and content classification

Improved project management

Automatic Transcription and Single Window Editing

Time-synced speech-to-text output displayed in a single window editor

Interactive transcript with confidence score labels for efficiency gains

Customizable video player settings and user preferences

Integrated spell check and customizable dictionary for all languages

Easy review of edits using color codes

Single-click generation of CC & Subtitles in Pro Window

Auto conversion of the transcript into time synced closed captions

Professional editor window for review

Automatic error detection and alerts

Configurable presets to meet various conformance requirements

The Translator you've been looking for

Built-in automatic translation

Display of source language captions and translated content in the dual-pane for effective review

Line breaks and character limit configuration

Error alerts in case of discrepancy

Format converters for global publishing

Quality Assessment for Enhanced User Experience

Easily conform the caption sidecar file meets the publishing destination standards

Highlight non-conformance with streaming standards like Hulu, Netflix

Time coded error reports for easy navigation and correction

Ability to ingest and export multiple formats

Auto classify content for better value

Automatically generate, ingest, and modify labels for easy classification and review

Export labels in multiple formats

Easily integrate with existing workflows

Presenting the Broadcast Captioning Workflows with an AI Advantage

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