IBC2022 – Enhance your content creation and monitoring solutions with Digital Nirvana’s ML-powered workflows

IBC2022 – Enhance your content creation and monitoring solutions with Digital Nirvana’s ML-powered workflows

As one of the most inspiring content and technology events acting as the melting point for people passionate about media, entertainment, and technology, IBC2022 is back in Amsterdam from September 9-12 after a hiatus.

Year after year, IBC has provided a forum for exhibitors, speakers, and visitors to engage with each other, unlock business opportunities, discover the latest innovations, and explore the world of content creation and distribution.

At IBC2022, Digital Nirvana will present solutions for transforming and streamlining captioning and subtitling services and metadata generation for today’s media companies. Our experts will demonstrate the game-changing capabilities of Trance, a cloud-based transcription, captioning, and subtitle generation workflow, and highlight the newest updates to MetadataIQ, its SaaS-based metadata-generation platform.

Digital Nirvana products and services at IBC –

MetadataIQ —

MetadataIQ is a SaaS-based tool that automatically generates speech-to-text and video intelligence metadata, increasing the efficiency of production, preproduction, and live content creation services for Avid PAM/MAM users.

MetadataIQ relies on advanced ML and high-performance AI capabilities in the cloud (speech to text, facial recognition, object identification, content classification, etc.) to create highly accurate metadata more quickly and less expensively than traditional methods. Crucially, MetadataIQ is the only tool that automatically generates speech-to-text transcripts on incoming feeds (or on stored content) in real-time, then takes the transcript, parses it by time, and indexes it back to the media in the Avid environment.

This workflow has been proven in two of the world’s major news organizations. MetadataIQ’s unique ability to marry real-time transcript generation with real-time indexing in Avid means producers and editors can quickly find relevant media assets for their news stories, accelerating production.


Trance is a self-service SaaS application that automatically generates transcripts, closed captions/subtitles, and translations for content localization. It is the same application Digital Nirvana’s team uses to perform captioning and translation services on behalf of its customers, but in a self-service version that integrates into your company’s workflow.

MonitorIQ –

Digital Nirvana’s MonitorIQ is the industry’s most reliable and secure broadcast monitoring and compliance logging platform. MonitorIQ allows operators to record, store, monitor, analyze, and repurpose content quickly and efficiently with a minimum number of clicks.

Digital Nirvana recently introduced MonitorIQ-RM, a cost-effective video monitoring solution for headends and remote hubs. As a derivative of MonitorIQ, MonitorIQ-RM is designed to quickly monitor vast numbers of individual locations. It is designed for remote monitoring; it eliminates unwanted features and simplifies the user interface by making it extremely easy to do the job with as few clicks as possible. MonitorIQ-RM is especially relevant for the users of obsolete technologies like Volicon RPM and Slingbox remote monitoring.

Captioning, Translation, and Transcription Services

Digital Nirvana’s in-house media services team offers turnkey captioning and translation services that generate highly accurate transcripts, captions, and translations with cloud-based technology and automated, AI-driven natural language processing. Your media company gets the power of AI with no upfront capital expense and in-house expertise required.

Digital Nirvana’s adaptive technology design can handle future industry standards, while the company’s open API architecture makes integration with existing workflows seamless and easy. Our team includes dedicated language and content specialists covering more than 30 languages.

You can use any or all of these Digital Nirvana tools to make your content work. They’re all designed for intelligence, speed, and efficiency so your team can perform their daily tasks faster and easier.

Visit and collaborate with our experts on Sept 9-12 at IBC booth 7.A28. For more information on Digital Nirvana’s products and services, schedule a demo with our team or email us at marketing@digital-nirvana.com.

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