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Combining the best of technology with human curation to provide highly accurate captions.

Generate highly accurate transcripts, captions, and subtitling with cloud-based technology and automated AI-driven Natural Language Processing. In addition to our turnkey, done-for-you services, Digital Nirvana offers a SaaS-based application called Trance, which leverages your current personnel and workflow to produce the same high-quality transcripts, captions, and subtitlings in your environment.

Digital Nirvana’s captioning and subtitling services are purpose-built for media and entertainment operators, leveraging the power of AI with no upfront capital expense or in-house expertise required. Our adaptive technology design can handle current and future industry standards, while our open API architecture makes integration with existing workflows seamless and easy.

Key Differentiators:

  • Professional transcription, captioning, and subtitling services deliver the highest quality with the shortest turnaround times.
  • The latest AI and machine learning technologies, combined with human expertise, produce the highest quality results.
  • Dedicated language and content specialists covering over 30 languages.
  • Submit files directly via PAM, API, cloud storage, etc.

Industry-best turnaround times for transcription and captioning services that are accurate!

Digital Nirvana leverages two decades of speech-to-text and knowledge management expertise to deliver greater productivity with the shortest turnaround times, elevating the accuracy and speed of the captioning process.

Our caption services provide exceptional closed-captioning, metadata generation, and transcription services. Digital Nirvana’s captioning and subtitling services provide media operators with the benefits of AI-driven processing within familiar media workflows.

Captions and Subtitles: The Preferred Choice

1. Integration with Trance

Digital Nirvana’s speech-to-text transcription capabilities can be combined with our Trance SaaS application to provide the best in-house (self-service) caption creation and content localization workflow.

2. Quality

Maintaining consistent quality is a challenge for many providers with high transcription volumes and short turnaround times. Digital Nirvana does this, as evidenced by our Quality Scores.

3. Quick and Efficient

Technological and operational efficiencies along with more than two decades of expertise in the field, Digital Nirvana can turn complete transcripts around within three to four hours compared to six hours or more with other providers.

Key clients who leverage our Captions and Subtitles

Key Features

Closed Captions/Subtitle Generation

  • Caption Editor window to easily edit and adjust all captioning parameters
  • Configurable presets to auto-generate captions and subtitles that conform to various style guidelines
  • Publish files in all industry-supported formats for broadcast and digital delivery

Subtitles / Text subtitling

  • Automatic text subtitling from source content with a dualpane/dual language user interface
  • Independent spell-check and error alerts for each language with automatic format conversion
  • Supports 108 different languages for automated content localization

Automatic Transcription

  • Automatic transcript generation in a powerful, highly intuitive interface makes the editing process fast and highly efficient
  • Single-window transcript editor with editing suggestions based on STT confidence scores
  • Improve efficiencies by 50% over conventional desktop applications

Closed Caption Conformance

  • Automatic identification of non-conforming captions and subtitles
  • Automated alerts for technical or operational irregularities
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts allow for quick navigation and improve productivity

Content Classification

  • Upload media and automatically classify programming, ads, and other content
  • The ML engines return an accurate classification on the ad type – restricted, unrestricted, product-and return the result as a JSON or XML file that can be ingested into existing workflow/ MAM/PAM.
  • The classification engine also helps identify high points in a feature-length video that can be used to recommend ad placement.

Automatic Speech-to-Text

  • Cloud-based speech-to-text (STT) engines, equipped to handle various media types
  • Supports 30 native languages
  • Timecode indexed transcripts provide fast search, retrieval, and editing of raw contribution content and new feeds and integration with various MAM, PAM, and web platforms

  • Closed Caption

  • Text Localization

  • Caption Repurposing

We offer cloud-based closed captioning services for live and post-production content for broadcast and online delivery, including pre-recorded TV shows, online video clips, streaming videos, sports, news, corporate sessions, lectures, events, entertainment, and house of worship videos and broadcasts.

Combining state-of-the-art speech-to-text that leverages machine learning with our experienced captioners delivers accurate and compliant captions efficiently.

Digital Nirvana’s highly efficient multilingual skilled team, which is spread worldwide, can deliver subtitles in 20+ languages at flexible turnarounds.

DN’s inbuilt software Trance can assign files based on skillset and the dual-pane captioning window makes this service even more simplified with minimal human intervention.

Apart from closed caption creation, subtitling, and transcription services, our flexible and proficient team has the capability of delivering captioning repurposing per customer needs.

Our in-built tool, Trance, with its abilities to organize presets and control caption factors such as characters per line, caption duration, reading speed, etc., per the client’s requirement, makes the scope of reformatting more handy and attainable.

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