Worried about suspended support after end-of-sale?

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Aug 14, 2019

The need for broadcast organizations to collect and use knowledge about broadcast content is ever-growing. Providing the best possible viewer experience and meeting government compliance regulations, is paramount. When legacy monitoring equipment announces its end of sale, customers have to turn towards more efficient broadcast monitoring and compliance logging solutions.

Digital Nirvana’s MonitorIQ, while retaining the key features broadcasters look for, also helps them move to the next generation of logging, monitoring, and compliance. Some next-generation capabilities Digital Nirvana offers are as follows:

Virtual Server & Cloud Ready: MonitorIQ can be hosted in a virtual environment, as an on-premise application, or as a hybrid solution with seamless cloud storage, providing unlimited access to data and greater indexing capabilities thereby enhancing search speeds.

Microservices: With its seamless integration with the Media Services Portal that resides in the cloud, MonitorIQ provides video intelligence services that include face recognition, object recognition, logo identification that helps detect logos, ads, speakers, promos, and other visual data. Its offerings on closed captions including closed caption and transcript generation using automated speech-to-text technology, caption synchronization, caption quality check, and metadata generation and enhancement. The Media Services Portal automatically checks for caption compliance, quality, monitors caption timing and synchronization.

Reporting & Analysis: Digital Nirvana’s MonitorIQ enables users to do an in-depth analysis of content for comparison, problem analysis, and troubleshooting by doing a deep dive into SCTE messages at different parts of the delivery chain. The display of SCTE 104 and SCTE 35 markers in the editor window helps with the insertion, replacement, or removal of portions in the original content and repurposing the end result.

Competitive Analysis: MonitorIQ lets customers compare themselves with competitors via ratings, ad placement, and ad sales.

Extensibility: MonitorIQ is extensible into open APIs thereby allowing other systems to easily integrate their workflow with the solution. This helps customers to automate requests and work order assignments faster and maximize productivity.

Reliability & Security: Customers unanimously agree that Linux is more secure than closed source operating systems like Windows. For decades, Windows has been the operating system of choice for both users and hackers. Windows continues to remain vulnerable to malware attacks because of its popularity and the privileges it offers by default, while Linux, being an open-source operating system, will continue to remain secure and reliable by nature with customers having to spend almost nothing on expensive anti-virus software. MonitorIQ, Digital Nirvana’s Next-Gen broadcast, and compliance monitoring solution is built on a secure Linux platform that offers the best in terms of security and reliability.

Feature Additions: The plug-in feature in MonitorIQ allows new features to be added faster than conventional systems.

Being on the leading edge of knowledge management technologies since 1996 and with 750 employees worldwide, Digital Nirvana is focused on the core competencies of video, speech to text, metadata generation, and compliance. Our dedicated, worldwide 24/7 support team would be happy to help Volicon customers make a smooth and successful transition to next-generation compliance monitoring.

Meet us at our stand D05 in Hall 14 @ IBC to be held at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Center between September 13 and 17 for a demo.

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