4 Ways Digital Nirvana Can Help You Master Your Content

4 Ways Digital Nirvana Can Help You Master Your Content

Where do you begin your search if you’re a busy business executive looking for technology to makenbetter use of the content in your broadcast operation? Delving into the details will become necessary,nbut sometimes you just want to start with the big picture. Here’s a quick overview of the products andnservices Digital Nirvana offers — plus a handy diagram that shows how each tool will help you at variousnstages of the content life cycle.

1. MetadataIQ — Metadata-Automation Tool for the Avid Ecosystem

MetadataIQ is a SaaS-based tool that automatically generates speech-to-text and video intelligencenmetadata, increasing the efficiency of production, preproduction, and live content creation services fornAvid PAM/MAM users.

MetadataIQ relies on advanced machine learning and high-performance AI capabilities in the cloudn(speech to text, facial recognition, object identification, content classification, etc.) to create highlynaccurate metadata more quickly and less expensively than traditional methods. Crucially, MetadataIQ isnthe only tool that automatically generates speech-to-text transcripts on incoming feeds (or on storedncontent) in real-time, then takes the transcript, parses it by time, and indexes it back to the media in thenAvid environment. No other such product integrates with Avid today.

So far, the primary use case has been generating speech-to-text in real time as massive amounts of livenstreams are being ingested, then sending that STT transcript into the Avid Interplay PAM system withntime inputs. This workflow has been proven in two of the world’s major news organizations.nMetadataIQ’s unique ability to marry real-time transcript generation with real-time indexing in Avidnmeans producers and editors can quickly find relevant media assets for their news stories, acceleratingnproduction.

2. Trance — Self-Service SaaS Transcription and Captioning Tool

Trance is a self-service SaaS application that automatically generates transcripts, closedncaptions/subtitles, and translations for content localization. It is the same application Digital Nirvana’snteam uses to perform captioning and translation services on behalf of its customers, but in a self-servicenversion that integrates into your company’s workflow.

Advanced speech-to-text engines create highly accurate text transcripts of audio and video content. Thenpowerful Trance interface lets users quickly navigate, edit, and export captions in all industry-recognizednformats. Built-in AI and custom presets ensure captions conform to style guidelines from variousndelivery platforms. Trance also provides automated translations in more than 100 languages.

3. Captioning, Translation, and Transcription Services — Digital Nirvana Does the Work

Digital Nirvana’s in-house media services team offers turnkey captioning and translation services thatngenerate highly accurate transcripts, captions, and translations with cloud-based technology andnautomated, AI-driven natural language processing. Your media company gets the power of AI with nonupfront capital expense and in-house expertise required.

Digital Nirvana’s adaptive technology design can handle future industry standards, while the company’snopen API architecture makes integration with existing workflows seamless and easy. Our team includesndedicated language and content specialists covering more than 30 languages. The latest AI and ML technologies, combined with human expertise in professional transcription, captioning, and text translation, ensure the highest quality with the shortest turnaround times.

4. MonitorIQ — AI-Driven Compliance Logging and Monitoring Tool

The industry’s most reliable, secure, and easy-to-use broadcast monitoring and compliance loggingnplatform, MonitorIQ allows operators to record, store, monitor, analyze, and repurpose content quicklynand efficiently with a minimum of clicks. Natively recording content at any point in the video deliverynchain, from production (SDI) to consumption (OTT and STB), MonitorIQ allows you to collect and usenknowledge about your broadcast content to meet a wide range of regulatory and compliancenrequirements. Users can view live or recorded content across hundreds of channels from desktop andnmobile devices in any remote location worldwide for instant proof of performance, compliance, or adnplacement. MonitorIQ is based on the highly secure and reliable Linux operating system.

Broadcast, network, and MVPD users depend on MonitorIQ to find, review and monitor live or historicalncontent more quickly and easily. The tool puts the recorded video in the hands of multiple departmentsnwithin the broadcast domain, including C-level executives who had previously sent emails to engineeringnto search for data. Users can also identify ads on competitive channels, detect logos in high-valuencontent, recognize faces from news or entertainment content, and generate closed captions or clips ofnclips from live or historical content or advertisements.

You can use these Digital Nirvana tools to make your content work for you. They’re all designed fornintelligence, speed, and efficiency so your team can perform their daily tasks faster and easier.nProducers and editors can pinpoint the right clips and create content even quicker, especially for news,nsports, and other time-sensitive applications. And you’ll never miss a placement or compliance issue.

Click here to see how these tools will help you at various stages in the content life cycle.

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