Our vision at Digital Nirvana is to reinvent how people share knowledge, mine insights from media, and bring inspiration and innovation to customers.

With more than two decades of AI and machine learning expertise, Digital Nirvana’s solutions automate speech-to-text, caption creation, caption translations, and video intelligence for content classification, compliance logging, and the generation of various forms of metadata.

We’ll share with you the latest innovations and benefits of AI-based transcription, captioning, and content localization during this event. You’ll get to know Trance, the industry’s best cloud-based transcription and captioning solution, as well as Digital Nirvana’s complete turnkey, done-for-you service. We’ll also discuss real-world use cases and success stories of AI-based metadata generation in the media workplace.

Register here to participate in this valuable learning experience, May 27th at 11 am PDT.

Presented by:

  • Russell Wise

    Senior Vice President
  • Ed Hauber

    Director of Business Development
  • Russell Vijayan

    Business Manager


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During our time together using Trance, you will learn how to:

  • Import media into Trance
  • Create, view and edit transcripts in a single window
  • Configure presets and single-click generation of closed captions in Pro Window
  • Configure presets for single-click generation of closed captions in a Caption Editor Window
  • Automatically translate text to a secondary language
  • Export caption sidecars in all industry-standard formats

Solution video

AI-powered Trance, a cloud-based application for closed captioning, transcription, & translation.

Our Solutions

We bring AI and ML competencies to production and compliance workflows.Digital Nirvana’s knowledge management technologies empower organizations across the globe to create content, automate the generation of captions, subtitles, and metadata.

The company’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions includes media monitoring and analysis; generation and management of closed captions, subtitles, transcripts, and metadata; and advanced AI-based technologies that drive custom production workflows.

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  • Trance

    Transcription, Captioning, and Translation workflow with the AI advantage.

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  • Monitor-IQ

    Best-in-class Solution for Compliance and Monitoring of Video, Audio and Metadata.

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  • Metadata-IQ

    Accelerating the Speed of Content Creation.

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  • Caption &
    Translation Services

    Bringing AI and ML to Broadcast Workflows

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