Monitoring and verifying ad insertion data for Linear & OTT delivery systems


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Network providers add SCTE messages into the video stream to mark the start and end of advertisement segments and to signal actions, such as ad insertion. Malformed SCTE message data, dropped packets during the encoding process, missing SCTE messages will result in ads not being inserted at all or the wrong add being inserted which leads to the loss of advertising revenue.

With the number of methods used to deliver programs and ads, having a solution to monitor ad insertion data is a necessity for monetizing content. Missing information on ad markers can lead to ads not airing that results in revenue loss. Advertisements and related data, inserted into program streams, must be monitored across the entire video delivery chain to ensure they are being properly broadcasted and reaching their target audience.

With Digital Nirvana’s Monitor-IQ 6.1 comprehensive broadcast monitoring platform, users can easily create a side-by-side view of multiple channels to verify the continuity of any SCTE messages throughout the video delivery chain. The advantage of being able to view and have a historical record of video and SCTE message comparison on a single screen provides immediate feedback on the presence and accuracy of all inserted triggers and all associated ads.

The ability to graph the results over a period of time and live coupled with this comparison yielded significant benefits. Monitor-IQ allows the comparison of SCTE 104 to SCTE 35 messages on the encoder input and output of multiple channels to ensure that no message details were dropped or malformed.

Or the user can deep dive into any specific channel or time to verify all SCTE triggers. Each message hyperlinks back to the frame of the video. Monitor-IQ will clearly list all SCTE messages over a given time period. The users can quickly choose any message and see the entire message formatted in human-readable text and the values associated with each entry in the right-hand pane.

Monitor-IQ allows the end-user to configure different monitoring points within the video chain without the need for intervention from the equipment provider

  • The user can take a deep-dive into the formatted human-readable SCTE messages to verify message integrity
  • Users can compare live or historical data and video in a single screen for the same channel at multiple points throughout the video delivery chain
  • Enabled verification of ad integrity and maintenance of ad revenue
  • Eased the process of Cutting, storing, and emailing video clips to customers for proof of delivery
  • Facilitated quick troubleshooting of any ad insertion issue at any point in the delivery chain

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