Expanding the horizons of MonitorIQ system into advertising verification and marketing/media relations for a multinational cable holding company

This extensive, multinational cable network operates a group of factual and lifestyle television brands. The network’s portfolio includes some of the world’s most popular channels and programs, playing to passionate audiences worldwide.

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For several years, the network has relied on Digital Nirvana’s MonitorIQ to provide reliable, scalable, and practical compliance logging and monitoring for its transmission operations control (TOC) center. Over the years, the network has expanded its MonitorIQ system to support not only proof of regulatory compliance but also advertising verification and marketing/media relations tasks — such as the ability to extract video clips for promoting programs on other media outlets.

The network’s content logging and monitoring requirements have remained steady since its first MonitorIQ system in 2014. These include:

  • A system that can deliver continuously, 24/7 uptime.
  • An expandable solution that can accommodate the network well into the future continues to grow and add channels.
  • The versatility to extend the application’s reach beyond compliance monitoring as business needs evolve.
  • The ability to support centralized management for the entire operation while enabling localized access by facilities worldwide.
  • The ability to accommodate variations in formats, languages, and social norms in the countries where the content is delivered.

As the industry’s leading broadcast monitoring and compliance logging platform, MonitorIQ logs and records all aired content across the network’s entire constellation of channels and in every operational region. Since the initial MonitorIQ deployment, the system has been able to bring several geographically disperse transmission and satellite uplink facilities together into the centralized TOC operation. This has enabled the network to expand MonitorIQ to provide content logging and monitoring for the entire global footprint.

MonitorIQ delivers the following key advantages:

  • Expandability. The MonitorIQ system has scaled smoothly and seamlessly from the network’s initial deployment of 36 channels. This has allowed the network to grow rapidly and organically – including the recent acquisition of a large competitor that added many additional channels.
  • The ability to handle international formats. With feeds coming in from around the world, MonitorIQ can take metadata variations from country to country, including differences in subtitles, Teletext, SCTE markers, audio codes, and audio tracks.
  • Compliance with regional content restrictions. MonitorIQ makes it easy for the network to demonstrate compliance with localized content laws regarding decency, language, nudity, and other elements.

This network has built a long-term partnership with Digital Nirvana based on the superiority of MonitorIQ over other monitoring and logging solutions. Key differentiators include:

  • Unparalleled reliability. Built on a reliable and secure Linux platform, MonitorIQ offers continuous uptime and automatic security updates. This reliability makes MonitorIQ far superior to other systems that are Windows-based and must be powered down for security patches and other updates.
  • Distributed access to centralized content logs: With MonitorIQ operating from the centralized TOC, facilities in different countries can easily access the logged content to meet their localized compliance needs.
  • Versatility beyond compliance monitoring: More than any other logging system in the industry, MonitorIQ enables the network to get the most out of its logged video content through the ability to search on closed captions and metadata. This extends the application’s reach beyond compliance to use cases in sales, marketing, and other business functions.
  • A valued partnership: The network values its long-term collaboration with the Digital Nirvana team. It remains a committed partner, knowing that MonitorIQ will continue to grow with the operation and meet its requirements into the future.

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