Captioning for Digital Content

Online videos for academic courses, training, and research have become an integral part of the educational ecosystem. While this has helped broaden access to a larger audience, it has also brought in the need for captioning compliance. However, beyond compliance, captions add value to videos in many ways. Closed captions make programs accessible for viewers who are hearing impaired, speak other languages, want to watch videos in sound sensitive environments, and want to search across content.

Digital Nirvana provides cost-effective, high quality captioning and transcription services for live and post-production content.


Why Digital Nirvana

Our highest priority is to provide you with high-quality captioning and transcription services in the most cost effective way. Our services are easy to use and include flexible options like user-friendly interface, online uploads & downloads and APIs for integration with popular lecture capture system. We will also work with you if you need custom integration!


Legal Compliance:

Compliance with Section 504 for captioned educational video, Title II of the ADA for captioned video content for public universities, and Title III for captioned video content for private universities.


Customized Service:

Dedicated Account/Project manager to work with you. Automated and customized workflows based on your requirement.


Accuracy and TAT:

99% accurate captions for regular and difficult content. Flexible turnaround times to match your requirements.



Cloud-based service and a secure workflow architecture enabling secure file transfer and storage to maintain confidentiality.


Competitive Pricing:

High quality service with flexible turnaround time, all at affordable prices, fitting every need and budget.