Empowering universities nationally to bridge the learning gap with cutting-edge AI-powered transcription, captioning, and translation solutions.

Universities face more challenges than ever in creating an inclusive and accessible learning environment for all students, especially those with hearing impairments or language barriers. Traditional methods like note-taking by hearing assistants and manual captioning are often slow, inaccurate, and resource-intensive, making it difficult to meet students' diverse needs in today's educational landscape.

Accessibility Challenges in Education

Limited Accessibility

Recorded lectures need transcripts and captions, hindering comprehension and participation for all learners.

Time Constraints

Traditional note-taking by hearing assistants is slow and often incomplete
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Language Barriers

International students face difficulties due to language differences.
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Content Discovery

Searching for specific topics within recorded lectures remains a challenge for students.

Transform the Conventional Learning Journey with Digital Nirvana

  • Real-time Transcription & Captioning AI technology instantly delivers accurate transcripts and captions, ensuring inclusive access to information for all students.
  • Faster Turnaround Preliminary transcripts are streamed live with human verification for ultimate accuracy. Content 
  • Searchability Easily find specific topics within lectures, boosting learning efficiency and knowledge retention. Multilingual
  • Multilingual Translation Break down language barriers with real-time or post-lecture translation in 12 major languages

Beyond Accessibility: Enhanced Learning for All

  • Improved Comprehension Accurate captions and transcripts allow students to focus on understanding the lecture content rather than struggling to keep up with note-taking.
  • Increased Engagement Interactive features like keyword search within transcripts promote active learning and encourage review and revision.
  • Personalized Learning Students can access transcripts and translated versions at their own pace, fostering a personalized and self-directed learning environment.

Addressing Your Needs: A Partner in Accessibility

Digital Nirvana understands the unique needs of universities. We offer


Seamlessly integrate with existingstudent portals and learning management systems


Prioritized data security and compliance with industry regulations.


Experienced professionals are dedicated to providing ongoing support and ensuring successful implementation.

Empower Every Learner. Bridge the Gap. Choose Digital Nirvana

Get faster, accurate captions powered by AI and human expertise

  • Speed Faster turnaround using AI and machine learning for preliminary, live-streamed transcripts.
  • Accuracy Human verification ensures the highest level of accuracy in the final captions.
  • Experience 25 years of experience in captioning across various industries.
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Required skill set:

Required skill set:

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