Accelerating the Speed of Content Creation


Simplifying and Automating Metadata Generation

MetadatorIQ, a secure and scalable solution intended to make content creation more efficient for content producers using the Avid media platform. It automates the entire process of metadata generation including transferring video assets from AVID, creating a low-res proxy, generating speech and video-based metadata, creating markers, and ingesting the metadata along with markers into AVID with the asset. The time-coded speech-to-text and video intelligence metadata simplifies the process of identifying accurate content during the editing process for content generation.

Key Features & Capabilities

A hybrid application that automatically transfers media from Avid for cloud-based ML processes

100% automation of the entire process

Easily generate transcripts, facial recognition data, shot change identifiers, emotion detection labels, logos, and many more video features with locators for Avid assets

Ingests relevant metadata with timecodes displayed as an independent marker

Provides off-the-shelf integration with the Avid system

Generates preconfigured markers, and ingests it back into the original container of the Avid asset

Sort and search with various types of metadata

Presenting the Closed Captioning Workflow with AI Advantage

Interested to know how services powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities offer media workflows unprecedented levels of accuracy, flexibility, and scalability, while also reducing costs and help gain a competitive advantage?

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