Why Should You Transcribe Your Meetings and Webinars?

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Feb 15, 2022

Virtual meetings, webinars, and seminars are here to stay. For the past two years, organizations, big or small, have embraced and incorporated virtual work environments into their business processes.

The business world produces a high volume of audio and video content every day from meetings, webinars, conferences, and seminars. Clear communication is one of the crucial factors that determines business flow among employees, stakeholders, and clients.

Since these virtual events provide critical information about new developments, vital financials, and new business strategies, it makes sense to transcribe them. That’s because meeting transcription is one way to ensure proper communication.

Transcriptions are becoming an essential tool for data accuracy, compliance with regulations, and proof for legal proceedings. Transcriptions fill the gap of information missed during note-taking at meetings, webinars, seminars, etc.

Benefits of transcribing your meetings and webinars –

Transcriptions enable information retention –

Studies have shown that transcriptions help employees to retain information and to focus better in meetings or webinars.

If transcripts are being generated, then there’s no need for participants to take rushed notes in the middle of the meeting, as they know they will get a copy of the entire event. In this way, they can pay closer attention and be more actively engaged in the meeting itself.

Transcription solutions like Digital Nirvana’s generate automated, accurate transcripts, allowing people to better retain and comprehend the information presented. Generating transcripts also provides a legal cushion and avoids miscommunication by creating a record of critical information.

Transcriptions make content accessible –

It is crucial that meetings and virtual events are completely accessible to all participants, including people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Generating transcripts is one of the best ways to ensure content accessibility for everyone. Having transcriptions also makes the content more accessible for participants whose first language is not English because it allows them to review the content in written form without being rushed.

As the world continues to hold meetings and other events virtually, organizations can leverage transcription services like Digital Nirvana’s to get 99+% accuracy and industry-best turnaround times to ensure accessibility for all meeting participants.

Transcription boosts SEO –

If you want your webinar or video content to reach a wider audience, simply posting the video online won’t do the trick. That’s because video content alone cannot boost search engine rankings. Therein lies the undeniable power of quality transcriptions and captions.

Adding transcripts helps search engines to find and comb through your content properly, thus matching your content with users’ queries.

Adding transcripts to your posted webinars and live product demonstrations is a surefire way to boost search engine rankings. Not only that, but you can repurpose these transcripts into smaller content pieces like blogs, further enhancing your SEO efforts.

Transcription can increase ROI –

Any webinar or online conference with a celebrated keynote speaker is an expensive affair and getting ROI for the event apart from attendees and sign-ups is a difficult task. Recording the keynote sessions and publishing them with transcripts can increase the ROI because potential leads from all the corners of the world can access the video recordings and sessions, benefitting from the speaker’s authority and providing a referral link to your business.

Transcription saves time for attendees –

By leveraging speech-to-text transcription services from providers like Digital Nirvana, you save participants the time and trouble of taking hurried notes or having to go back and watch the whole video recording to find information they need.

Digital Nirvana services are trained to adhere to the stringent industry standard of providing 99+% of accuracy to ensure highest quality. Our system is designed to deliver high-quality transcripts even with poor audio quality or different accents.

Scale up to meet your business requirements –

Business requirements have drastically changed in the past two years, with virtual meetings and webinars slowly becoming close to a permanent fixture in our lives. Thus, it has become important for business leaders to incorporate transcriptions in their meetings and conferences to enhance communication and make their business processes more robust.

Digital Nirvana offers transcription services to organizations that want to incorporate transcripts into their business processes – with services that scale up when needed to meet variations in demand. Connect with our experts to learn more about how you can leverage Digital Nirvana’s AI-driven transcription services.

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