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Broadcast Compliance
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Sep 27, 2019

FCC media regulatory compliance

While regulatory and compliance standards are designed to help organizations attain their business goals, some are intended to ensure data protection. Laws or regulations applicable to any business process, when violated, may invite legal punishments and federal fines. Regulatory violations can also tarnish the brand reputation. With changes made to the regulations by legislative bodies on the rise, laws mandating the adherence to regulations have also become stringent.

Regulations vary from industry to industry, which explains the fact why some industries are more heavily regulated than the others. As regards to broadcasting, the Federal Communications Commission or the FCC, a federal agency of the Congress, is the regulatory body.

The broadcast law pertains to services related to both radio and television and checks for technical parameters and content issues like irreverence, copyright issues, and political and social ideologies like localism and regionalism.

MonitorIQ 6.0 from Digital Nirvana is a trusted, next-generation compliance logging platform that complies with government and quality standards like loudness monitoring and compliance check. It also has the ability to automatically monitor the presence, quality, and compliance of closed captions, subtitles, and Teletext.

What is Broadcast Monitoring?

Broadcast monitoring  is done to monitor, track, and analyze the content quality broadcast through mediums such as television and radio. The need for media organizations to deliver broadcast content across various linear and on-demand platforms, while meeting regulatory, compliance, and licensing requirements, needs a monitoring solution that’s adaptable, proven, versatile, competent enough to provide advanced solutions, notify faults, analyze logged content, and notify errors identified to provide end-to-end visibility into the broadcast and OTT delivery chain. This ensures that the solution meets its goal of providing the highest levels of QoS (Quality of Service) and QoE (Quality of Experience). Broadcast monitoring solution help broadcasters and content providers handle internet-based streams and expand operations.

With the rapid expansion in content distribution, the need for advanced cloud-based broadcast monitoring solution with cutting-edge capabilities that can provide the highest in terms of QoS and QoE is on the rise.

Digital Nirvana has its expertise in broadcast-monitoring solutions. Its comprehensive, easy-to-use, and secure broadcast-monitoring system MonitorIQ, lets broadcasters to record, store, monitor, analyze, and repurpose broadcast content. It has the ability to record inputs from multiple sources for both audio and video streams. It combines signal monitoring, loudness monitoring, air-check logging, competitive analysis, and content repurposing while running on Digital Nirvana’s open media appliance. It can schedule, store, search, archive, cut-clip, and repurpose content in full resolution, either in HD or SD. Content can be repurposed for websites, portable media players and mobile devices.

Designed to monitor multiple services across multiple stations, MonitorIQ lets users monitor the entire range of services it offers through a central web interface. Its seamless integration with the Media Services Portal provides cloud-based micro-services including closed caption generation, caption synchronization, closed caption quality check, and video intelligence for the recognition of logos, ads, speakers, promos, and other visual data.

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