Automatic metadata generation

Accelerating the Speed of Content Creation

Digital Nirvana’s Metadator is a secure, scalable platform to automate the process of metadata generation for production, pre-production, and live ...
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Bringing AI and ML to Broadcast & Post-Production Workflows

MediaServicesIQ is the gateway to Digital Nirvana’s solutions and technology stack that includes a suite of Machine Learning applications ...
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Transcription, Captioning, and Translation workflow with the AI advantage

Trance is an enterprise-level, cloud-based web application integrated with cutting edge STT technology and cloud-based architecture, leading to significant efficiency ...
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Unparalleled Broadcast Compliance and Monitoring Capabilities

Digital Nirvana’s MonitorIQ is the industry’s most reliable, secure, and easy-to-use broadcast monitoring and compliance logging platform that allows operators ...
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Digital Nirvana content logging and Monitoring Equipment

Stuck with unsupported logging and monitoring equipment? There’s never been a better time to upgrade!

When it comes to content logging and monitoring, a lot of broadcast organizations are at a crossroads. Their need to ...
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Compliance Logging & Broadcast Monitoring- MonitorIQ

Everything You Need to Know About Broadcast Compliance Recording & Monitoring System

FCC media regulatory compliance While regulatory and compliance standards are designed to help organizations attain their business goals, some are ...
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