Closed Captioning

Digital Nirvana’s Closed Captioning Services

To facilitate broadcasters and media houses worldwide to have closed captions added to their videos, we offer both Live and Post Production captioning services with near-live to weekly turnaround options for a variety of video formats.

Digital Nirvana’s Live Captioning Services provides customers with a workforce comprising highly skilled captioners, who, while adhering to the stringent accuracy standards in the industry, ensure that the output is of the highest quality, even in cases of difficult accents, that meet compliance standards and end-user expectations. This team is ably supported by a dedicated technical and operations team, and an enterprise-level workflow that makes the process highly efficient, effective, and reliable.

Segments are assigned to Individual captioners, who prepare extensively by checking customer-provided reference materials including scripts, subjects, presentation materials, etc., and also by logging in keywords, names, locations and the like, to ensure faster turnarounds. Seamless switching avoids delays and lags, providing the best in viewer experience without any loss of information. Customers are also provided with options to download a sidecar file for the same content.

Digital Nirvana’s Post-Production Captioning workflow provides multiple options for data transfer including SFTP, API, weblink, AVID Interplay direct transfer, etc. Easy integration of APIs to customer workflows reduces manual intervention, making the process highly efficient. Our cloud-based architecture ensures secure and smooth transaction of assets. Automated speech-to-text enables transcript editors to receive the output from an automated system for further editing for higher accuracy. The processed files further, are passed on to the caption editors who process the content based on the guidelines prescribed by the customer to ensure best quality. Files are prioritized based on turnarounds and skill-set requirements. Preliminary files can be provided upon request, which would be a direct output from the automated speech-to-text engine. Customers can opt for output formats including SCC, SRT, EBU-STL, WebVTT, SMPTE-TT, JSON, H.264 SEI Embedded CEA-608/708, that best suit their business needs.

We offer Cloud-based Closed Captioning services for live and post-production content for broadcast and online delivery including pre-recorded TV shows, online video clips, streaming videos, sports, news, corporate sessions, lectures, events, and house of worship videos. The combination of automated speech-to-text that leverages machine learning and experienced captioners help deliver accurate and compliant captions efficiently. We provide both caption generation and caption synchronization services. We set up customized workflows for our customers. The simple and secure REST API-based data transaction can be easily integrated into the customer’s existing workflow, which makes the process of submitting job requests, uploading media files, previewing and exporting transcripts, and captioning files, easy.

Why Digital Nirvana

With a proven combination of machine and human intelligence, we constantly strive to exceed client expectations. Our captions are periodically evaluated in order to maintain an accuracy threshold of 98% even on difficult accents, on par with industry standards.

Our compliance with the regulatory requirements for closed captions ensures that our customers meet them. The center of excellence team constantly evaluates and updates compliance standards from organizations such as FCC in the US, CRTC in Canada, OfCom in the UK etc.

Our adherence to stringent security standards ensures protection of customer assets in accordance with best practices and highest industry standards.

Our seamless integration capabilities with customer workflows minimize manual intervention and makes the process highly efficient.

Our team of highly experienced captioners ensure that captions delivered are reliable, accurate and quick.

With the ability to leverage advanced technology and customized workflow, our captions are competitively priced.

With round the clock customer support, we are available when you need us the most. Our customer support team ensures quick response to any queries or support you might need.