Closed Captioning

Digital Nirvana’s Closed Captioning Services

We provide cost effective, efficient and highly accurate closed captioning service. We offer post-production Pop-on and Roll-up captioning service along with subtitling and caption synchronization services. We set up customized workflows for our customers. You can submit specific job requests, upload media files, preview and export transcript and caption files through the APIs.

Often you come across unsynchronized captions or lost captions while extracting clips for IP delivery requiring reprocessing and re-synchronization of the captions. DN’s workflow enables to capture live footage, fingerprint them, synchronize captions within the video clips and deliver back to you in near-live time-frame so as to avoid delays in getting the content over to the Internet portals.

For sports and news clips with 12-hour window for captioning on web, our services also offer proofreading/editing the live captions for higher accuracy. Our caption service offerings also come with flexible turnaround, accurate captions even on difficult content, accurate placement and synchronization of captions, expertise on multiple sectors and the ability to provide multiple output formats and convert formats. Some of the caption formats that we deal with are SRT, TTML, DFXP, SMPTE-TT, SCC, SBV, RealText, Adobe Encore, SMI, WMP.TXT, STL, Avid.AAF, etc.

Our range of coverage includes pre-recorded TV shows, online video content, online clips, montages, streaming videos, sports, news, corporate sessions, lectures, live events and house of worship videos.

Why Choose Us?

Our dedicated team of editors and technicians, with the help of enriched enterprise-level technology, produces one of the finest captioning results for our vast customer base. Our workflow leveraged machine learning and resources ensures efficient higher speech-to-text solution standards than usual industry levels. We take pride in being the leader among top closed captioning companies driven by the ideas we inculcate as a team.

1. Automation and Customization

Our adoption of automation and customization offerings adds to our success story. We continue to strive to increase our ability to integrate with customer’s workflow to automate content acquisition and caption file delivery according to their unique preferences.

2. Secure and Confidential

Our cloud-based architecture enables smooth and secure file transfer and storage. We operate with the Industry-standard data security and storage capability for future use.

3. Cost Effectiveness

Our unique delivery model integrates business processes, people at different locations with multiple skill sets, into unified operational model. This coupled with technological expertise in media content for over two decades helps us consistently deliver reasonable priced solutions with emphasis on quality, efficiency and reduced delivery risks.

4. Ensures Expertise Support 24*7

We save you from investing your time on cross-checking the typo-free and carefully timed captions we provide. We boast of a healthy customer service; our team is available around the clock for last-minute changes to be made to the deliverables. You may also avail feedback and review on choice. Feel free to reach out to our experts 24*7.