MediaServicesIQ is your gateway to Digital Nirvana’s technology stack.

MediaServicesIQ contains a suite of machine learning (ML) applications. These microservices can be applied to speech-to-text, video intelligence, closed caption conformance, and content classification in media workflows.

Watch how MediaServicesIQ enables post-production workflows powered by AI & ML technologies.

The microservices in MediaServicesIQ integrate easily with media workflows used by broadcasters and media houses, helping them leverage AI/ML technologies within existing workflows. MediaServicesIQ provides an easy-to-access portal to cloud-based AI/ML services through custom-developed workflows.

MediaServicesIQ: The Preferred Choice

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    Integration with all Digital Nirvana Offerings

    MediaServicesIQ can be integrated with Monitor-IQ 7.0 to enable powerful insights into monitoring and video intelligence.

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    AL/ML Capabilities

    AI/ML empowered post-production workflows to enable broadcasters to have new efficiencies like video intelligence and speech-to-text technology, save time, and monetize valuable content.

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    MediaServicesIQ help organizations amplify their media workflows by adopting Trance which offers AI & ML-driven efficiencies for captioning, transcription, and translation

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    Digital Nirvana’s Technology Stack

    With its user-friendly interface, MediaServicesIQ provides solutions and a technology stack that includes machine learning, artificial intelligence, and microservices.

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MediaServicesIQ provides a rich suite of smart, self-service tools that empower broadcasters and independent content creators to enhance content value, meet regulatory caption requirements, and prepare content to be published on different distribution channels.

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