ML-driven Compliance Logging and Monitoring

Broadcast monitoring

Digital Nirvana’s MonitorIQ is one of the industry leaders as ML-powered compliance logging and monitoring tool that integrates with its MediaServices portal. With MonitorIQ 8.0, Digital Nirvana, a leading-edge media monitoring and metadata generation services provider, brings the tool’s Linux operating system and all included software up to their latest versions. As a result, Digital Nirvana has eliminated security vulnerabilities, increased resilience.

Key Features & Capabilities:

  • Record and archive content for proof of performance.
  • One-click access to media and metadata in a single web page.
  • Intuitive ‘Clip and Share’ feature empowers enterprise-wide collaboration.
  • Automated reports and analytics save time and accelerate awareness across the organization.
  • Advanced ML-based speech-to-text generation and video intelligence metadata extraction from recorded content.
Read how, Digital Nirvana is opening doors to ML-enabled
compliance monitoring

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