Financial Services

Global financial markets operate 24×7, and a continuous stream of critical information is released around-the-clock. Digital Nirvana’s services make it easier for banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies and other financial institutions to collect and leverage the most relevant data they need to operate and compete effectively.

Financial Summarization

  • Empower analysts to more efficiently review financial information and provide opinions
  • Access financial summarizations of SEC filings, earnings announcements, and industry news

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Transcription and Synchronization Services

  • Provide time-starved analysts with highly accurate financial transcripts
  • Receive high-quality transcriptions for any financial event.

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Media Monitoring and Analysis Services

  • Capture and track critical data from programs in a specific geographic region
  • Monitor market reaction to specific financial, and business events such as earnings calls, analyst gradings, and news announcements

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