Why a Disaster Recovery Solution is a Wise Investment for Broadcasters

It’s important to have a back-up plan for when the unexpected occurs. As a broadcaster, having a Plan B could make all of the difference to your operations if disaster strikes. Introduced earlier this year, our transport stream recording solution, CAR/TS (Capture, Analyze, Replay Transport Stream), includes a disaster recovery feature for keeping a broadcaster’s signal on-air with recorded content.

Why a Disaster Recovery Solution is a Wise Investment for Broadcasters

With it, every call letter TV station or network can have a disaster contingency solution at a low cost. CAR/TS users are protected from ever being off-air in any type of event that could disrupt the broadcast chain – including a failure within the broadcast workflow or a natural disaster in the area that jeopardizes the broadcast facility.

CAR/TS records all of the information that would be broadcast over a transmitter and records it for several days in case of disaster, giving users a reliable, cost-effective backup that they can count on if an emergency occurs. The transport stream recorder can also be used as a continuous time delay server at up to a 14-day delay, where it produces a duplicate of content. CAR/TS also offers the ability to create clips of the transport stream for content repurposing or deeper diagnostics. Real-time alerts are generated for MPEG stream compliancy issues without the need for a dedicated transport stream analyzer.

Prepare for the unexpected in your broadcasts. Find out more about our CAR/TS transport stream recorder here. You can also give us a call at +1 (510) 226-9000 or shoot an email to info@digital-nirvana.com to learn more.