What’s New with MediaPro 2.0?

During April’s NAB Show, Digital Nirvana introduced Version 2.0 of the MediaPro content repurposing system.  This new version includes advanced clip search capabilities and clip editor functions, as well as the ability to record content and share it easily on social media platforms and the cloud. With the importance of social media in the information sharing landscape of today, MediaPro 2.0 users benefit by quickly being able to cut, clip and share with social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Using Digital Nirvana’s Open Media Appliance hybrid server platform, MediaPro 2.0 enables multiple users to record up to hundreds of channels, then edit, clip, and publish content in real time. MediaPro offers a wide variety of hybrid input options including: SDI, ASI, IP, QAM, ATSC and the ability to record encrypted HD content with Digital Nirvana’s cable card technology. Content can be exported to Flash, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264 and XDCAM. Web-enabled search can be based on keywords, program titles, descriptions and textual metadata. MediaPro is compatible with all standards-compliant web browsers and does not require the installation of Active X. This solution is so straightforward that even non-technical staff can record from broadcast and cable channels and easily produce hi-res, HD broadcast-ready clips to repurpose and monetize content. To find out more, check out the video below of Digital Nirvana’s head of sales, Arco Groenenberg, discussing the features of MediaPro 2.0 from the NAB show floor. You can also read more about the solution by visiting the MediaPro product page.  

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