What Sets Digital Nirvana’s Media Management Platform Apart?

If your business is in the market for a media management system, you have a lot of factors to consider. You need a system that can capture content from multiple sources, publish that content to digital platforms, monitor for quality and compliance, and much more, depending on your unique management needs.

With so many things to keep in mind, we want to make your purchasing decision easier by clearly describing the features that set our Media Management Platform apart. Version 2.0 of our platform features enhanced capabilities, making media monitoring and management for efficient than ever. Here are some distinguishing factors of the Digital Nirvana platform:

  • Integrates Easily with Customer Supplied Storage Networks – Operators can export content to their own storage networks and still have the MonitorIQ system search and retrieve video segments. This feature is beneficial for efficient use of storage and long- term archiving.
  • Customized Recording Mode – Users can choose to either record specific programs or set up 24/7 recording.
  • Director’s Audio Track – Easily record the director’s audio for future review of on-air mistakes, such as missed cues or incorrect inserts. Director’s Audio Track is automatically synced with live broadcast video and its associated time-stamped metadata for easy discovery of exactly where issues occurred.
  • Hybrid Solution – Our Hybrid Solution offers a clean, efficient way to record multiple live video feeds on a single hardware platform. A single MonitorIQ server can accept and record various and multiple inputs such as ASI, IP, QAM, AT SC, and HD-SDI.
  • Centralized Management – The Media Management Platform delivers a fullrange of multi-channelsignalmonitoring, logging, compliance and archiving functions with a Centralized Management server that unites all units deployed throughout the system. T his provides 24/7 centralized monitoring and control to streamline workflows. It offers simultaneous access to multiple channels of content from any geographic area.

To view our full list of platform advantages, please click this link.