Learning or teaching is no longer limited to four walls. Immense advancement in the internet and technology has brought the world at our doorsteps. This is the case with education industry as well. The concept of online learning platforms has proved to be a business worth being in, and Digital Nirvana nurtures this non-conventional virtual classroom environment through its global Tutoring services.

What We Do

Over these years, we have considerably reduced gap between high demand from students and actual availability of online tutors. Students across the world can take advantage of our service to instantly gain access to tutors for any desired subject according to their choice. While the solution is capable of serving courses in any global language, Digital Nirvana’s online tutoring enables a seamless experience of sharing of audio/video, texts, files, folders between parties.

Key Takeaways

  • flexible sessions
  • doubt clarification schedules
  • fun and engaging courses
  • easy connections with multiple tutors
  • platform for feedback, rating and choosing tutors
  • service for any global language

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