About Trance

Trance is Digital Nirvana’s enterprise-level, cloud-based closed captioning and metadata enhancement solution, designed to empower fast and accurate caption generation. Trance’s cloud-based architecture, speech-to-text (STT) engine and an easy-to-use interface bring significant new efficiencies to captioning workflows.

Why Trance

Advanced speech-to-text capability

Integration with a proven STT engine enables Trance to generate automatic transcripts for every work item within the application.

Streamlined workflows

Trance centralizes workflows such as job allocation, caption edits, role assignment, report generation, and status monitoring for improved project management.

Avid asset ingestion

Users can ingest Avid assets directly into Trance for caption generation and/or metadata enhancement.

Intuitive and powerful user interface

Trance includes a browser-based UI that is easy to use and speeds up the process of reviewing speech-to-text content.

Cloud-based architecture

Remote accessibility eliminates the need for individual software installs and updates.

Increased productivity

Automatic speech-to-text delivers productivity gains in the transcript generation process by 60-97% based on the quality of STT output that’s available to captioners for further processing. Combined with the gains from workflow efficiencies, this enables the overall closed caption generation process to be 50% more efficient compared to conventional desktop applications.

Key Features & Capabilities

Why Digital Nirvana

Digital Nirvana has been providing solutions and services to the Media industry for over two decades now and Trance is the latest addition to its list of smart solutions. Until now, the platform was being used internally to provide closed captioning, metadata generation, and transcription services for customers. The proven workflow has enabled Digital Nivana to increase productivity of its in-house teams exponentially and meet stringent turnarounds. Trance platform comes with all learnings from over two decades of service delivery, relentless efforts to improve productivity, and contain costs.

Digital Nirvana is opening doors to Trace as a platform so that closed caption and subtitle generation across the globe could benefit from the productivity gains that it has seen internally. In addition to containing ever increasing costs and productivity gains, when you choose to deploy Trance as a closed captioning workflow application, you will also be covered for future technological advancements and changes

Here’s why:

Constantly evolving and deploying services in the lines of Media Monitoring, CC, metadata generation, and the like since 2001
The worldwide employee base of 750 delivering more than double the output compared to industry standards.
Proven experience and learnings from deploying systems to leading Media Companies
Continuous adoption of new technologies for efficiency gains and automation

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