About Trance

Trance, Digital Nirvana’s cloud-based metadata enhancement and closed captioning workflow empowers automated, fast and accurate caption generation. It is a cloud-based architecture which is integrated with a state-of-the-art automatic speech-to-text engine to generate post-production captions. Trance significantly boosts efficiency and streamlines workflows.

Why Trance

AVID Asset Ingestion

Ingest AVID assets directly into Trance for metadata

Streamlined Workflow

Centralized workflow including caption edits, role assignment, spell check, and caption quality assessment for improved project management.

STT Integration

Integration with state-of-the-art STT engine facilitates the ability to transcribe audio from multiple languages, with highly accurate captions.

Increased productivity

Overall increase in productivity by up to 60% and reduced processing time by over 40% compared to conventional desktop applications.

Intutive & Powerful User Interface

A browser-based UI that is easy-to-use and speeds up the process of reviewing speech-to-text content.

Cloud-based Architecture

Remote accessibility eliminates the need for individual software installs and updates.

Key Features & Capabilities

Why Digital Nirvana

Choosing Digital Nirvana as your closed captioning provider can be beneficial both in terms of premium quality service and budget. Here’s why:

Digital Nirvana possesses the capacity in terms of resources and technology to comply with the operational requirements of the customers.
Digital Nirvana’s captions come with a guaranteed accuracy of 99%.
Cloud-based architecture and seamless integration with the customer’s workflow for data security with minimal manual intervention.
Worldwide employee base of 750 and a North America-based 24/7 support team.

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