Tips to Select the Right Provider for Closed Captioning

Tips to select right provider for closed captioning

In an era of rapid technological advancement and a number of service providers, the task of choosing the right service provider becomes difficult as almost all in the market claim to be perfect with their advanced technology, efficient human resources, and accuracy. With the visual medium becoming more and more important, closed captions, or CC as it’s normally referred to, provide an easy way to understand content.
Today, multiple companies provide Closed Captioning services as Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act mandates its implementation to protect the civil rights of people with disabilities. In the process of sifting through various available options and zeroing in on quality providers at affordable rates, it is important to consider the following factors:

Accuracy rate: Vendors who portray their services tend to talk about an accuracy rate of 99%, which in most cases don’t turn out to be true, thereby resulting in the final output not meeting expectations. It is thus recommended that a service is always tried and tested before adoption.

Captioning Process: ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) is good for Closed Captions, but human interference is required in areas where the content is riddled with inconsistencies and distorted sound. A service that provides a healthy combination of both technical and human interference would be the right one to choose.

Turnaround Time: Knowing the vendor’s turnaround time is important while choosing the right Closed Captioning Service. At times, the vendor might not be able to adhere to rush requests from the customer. Keeping a watch on standard turnaround times the vendor offers, and the extended turnaround options would help save time and money.

Hidden Costs and More: Advertised cost versus actual cost can sometimes vary as some vendors charge extra to achieve certain levels of accuracy or speed. Care should be taken to ensure that there are no such hidden terms.

Secure intellectual property: Giving away the video asset to an arbitrator for closed captions is complex because there is always a risk of video footage and/or internal information getting leaked. A secure vendor will always come up with the assurance of keeping the video safe.

Integration Capabilities: With integration capabilities of the highest quality, a cloud-based architecture with a simple API structure, integrated with the customer’s existing workflow will help avoid manual intervention.

A healthy combination of automation and customization, flexible turnaround times, the ability to work on any audio/video format, a secure interface, top-notch integration capabilities, and output formats as desired would be a few points that have to be taken into consideration in the process of identifying the right provider for closed captioning services.