The Top Five Reasons to Budget for a Broadcast Monitoring System

These days, there are so many new technologies and products promising to streamline operations and generate revenue for TV stations. So, why should a broadcast monitoring system (BMS) be on your list of crucial items to include in next year’s budget? Here are our top five reasons why broadcasters should budget for a BMS:
1) Monitor and troubleshoot the broadcast signal to isolate and resolve problems quickly 2) Automatically ensure regulatory compliance 3) Provide immediate proof of advertising 4) Monitor remotely using an iPhone, iPad or Android interface 5) Access an ever-expanding feature set with even greater capabilities Today’s monitoring systems offers a variety of smart features. Our latest MonitorIQ version includes Web Captioning, Program Guide Extraction, Hybrid Appliance and MonitorIQ Infrastructure Self-Check to name a few. Web Captioning ensures that a broadcaster’s Web programming complies with new FCC Web captioning mandates and provides a valuable service to hearing impaired viewers. Program Guide Extraction enables recording by program as well as by time segments. It simplifies program searching and recording without requiring a paid subscription to a third-party source. Hybrid Appliance allows users to mix and match different signal inputs, such as ASI, HD/SDI, and ATSC/QAM, in one server.  By using one server for multiple signal inputs, customers can reduce equipment costs, lower power and maintenance costs, and save valuable rack space. MonitorIQ Infrastructure Self-Check proactively monitors the total health of the MonitorIQ infrastructure.
For broadcasters live streaming media, there’s AnyStreamIQ – the first cloud-based solution to record and monitor streamed media for web captioning compliance and proof of advertising.  

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