The Sports Recording Workflow is Made Easy with Our Media Management Platform

When TV stations broadcast the sports segment of their newscasts, there are typically two ways in which the sports clips have been repurposed. Either the footage has been ingested from satellite or cable directly to their primary ingest system, or it has been ingested from satellite or cable to a DVR, then clips from the DVR are ingested into the primary ingest system. At Digital Nirvana, we present a new workflow option – one that makes clip searching, content preparation, and rebroadcasting easier and much more efficient.

With our sports clipping workflow, broadcasters use QAM modulators for the station’s satellite or cable HDMI/Component/Composite output, which then feeds into Digital Nirvana’s Media Management Platform. With this method of clipping sports footage for newscast, editors can quickly skim through the recorded content using any Web browser, select content, and transcode high-resolution clips from MPEG-2 to NLE native format for repurposing game highlights.

There are numerous benefits to operating with this type of workflow. With this method, as content is modulated, it’s available on a broadcaster’s in-house MATV (multiple antenna television system). Up to 10 channels can be recorded in one system with multiple users allowed, making it easier for one operator or a team to sift through tons of footage during busy sports seasons, such as for Sunday football coverage rebroadcasting.

As captions are captured and become searchable, operators can quickly search using keywords to review content, such as searching by the word “touchdowns.” With the Smooth Playback module of the Media Management system, operators can fast-forward and rewind through content. Another way for editors to efficiently identify relevant content is to skim through thumbnails for an entire hour in one page using the Frame editor option.

Digital Nirvana’s Media Management platform for sports content preparation is scalable and more economical than recording directly to the primary ingest system, where the station’s ingest channel capacity can quickly become full. Only a Web browser is needed to review and cut clips, so operators can edit remotely. Users can also leverage the Digital Nirvana Social Media Platform to easily publish content on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

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