The Latest Version of MonitorIQ to Debut at NAB

By Arco Groenenberg, Digital Nirvana’s director of sales and marketing for broadcast products At the upcoming NAB Show in Las Vegas, Digital Nirvana will unveil the latest version of our MonitorIQ broadcast monitoring software. MonitorIQ is an in-house logging and compliance monitoring solution for traditional broadcasting media. MonitorIQ is a popular product of ours that offers excellent cost performance and provides signal-monitoring, loudness monitoring, aircheck-logging, ad verification, competitive analysis and content repurposing. New innovative functionality has been added to MonitorIQ Version 4.0, including transport stream recording, as well as SmartSearch, editing, playback and advanced engineering alerts. It also features Web Captioning to comply with new FCC regulations, Program Guide Extraction to enable recording by program, and an Infrastructure Self-Check to proactively monitor the overall health of the system. MonitorIQ runs on our Open Media Appliance industrial-grade server. The highly scalable server accepts multiple inputs and and exports content in a wide range of file formats. Our broadcast monitoring solution can record Multi-language Audio/Video and VANC Metadata. Designed with an efficient architecture and a simple Web interface, it integrates seamlessly with third party software. The resulting workflow is quick and easy, making the most of time and money. Please stop by our NAB booth, SU11017, to learn more about the newest version of MonitorIQ.

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