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Text Localization

Digital Nirvana’s highly efficient multilingual skilled team, which is spread worldwide, can deliver subtitles in 20+ languages at flexible turnarounds. DN’s inbuilt software Trance can assign files based on skillset and dual-pane captioning window makes this service even more simplified with minimal human intervention.

We provide subtitles for leading media broadcasters with a flawless and smooth workflow to ensure their quality and turnaround commitments are met. With our broader team base across the globe, we have changed the conventional way of translations using templates created to a common language before translations. Instead, we go with the source to requested language translations, making our output more relatable and localized once translated.

Our approach towards the process of translation serves as a key to our quality commitments. We have a dedicated quality control team through which every single translation job has to advance, making them quality compliant.

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