Test Scoring and Correction Service

Online education is revolutionizing contemporary education gaining wide popularity for the convenience it offers. We have seen immense growth in the non-conventional educational practices the recent years creating a very high demand. The growing demand for higher quality of online education system is prompting the institutions and organizations to improve their standards for tests and evaluation system.

Evaluation system has become an integral part of today’s online education system. Digital Nirvana, with the experience gained being in this industry for more than a decade, has developed a highly effective test scoring and correction platform.

How It Works

First, the tests are digitized and automatically pushed to our work flow for scoring. Once the scores are obtained, they are reviewed by our team of experts to ensure quality. The analysis includes constructive comments distinctly designed to assist long-term growth of the student.

Conventional forms of tests are rapidly being replaced with effective tests such as the rubric authentic assessment test. Digital Nirvana’s expertise in providing correction and scoring services for the same is backed by 12 years of experience.

Digital Nirvana’s test and correction concept is basically designed to offer additional value in the digital education arena by:

  • Saving long hours spent on correction of tests by teachers
  • Which further allows teachers to allot additional time to students
  • Individual attention to fortify the performance of the student(s)

Monitoring overall progress of the student in the long run