Creating Accessible & Searchable Videos

Creating Accessible & Searchable Videos

Video content creators are constantly looking at ways to make their videos more accessible and searchable. Creating closed captions, interactive transcripts and audio descriptions are essentially the easiest ways to make your videos reach out to more audience. It is also important for content owners to deliver their videos in widely accepted media formats.

Closed Captioning or Subtitling

Closed captions or subtitles are textual representation of audio and visual cues synchronized with the visuals in the video. Closed captions or subtitles ensure that your videos are accessible to deaf and hard of hearing population. Captioning also helps students and non-native English speakers to interpret videos with much ease.

Interactive Transcription

Transcripts are complete textual representation of the media content. Basically, transcripts cover complete spoken audio descriptions of visuals that wouldn’t be otherwise accessible without seeing the video. Transcripts essentially help your videos to be widely accessible, which also includes viewers who are not able to consume your videos because of technical limitations or any other accessibility problems. Interactive transcripts help users to click a particular line in the transcript and jump to the exact portion of the video where the spoken text is present. Interactive transcripts extensively help in enhancing searchability of your videos. People who have time limitations can quickly scan through the transcripts to get the essence of videos without having to watch the entire video.

Audio Description

Audio description is the narration of the story that runs in a different audio track. Audio description basically narrates the entire visual content. This makes the video accessible to people who have difficulty with vision. By listening to audio description, individuals with difficulty with vision can comprehend the video. Good audio description will include description of every action present in the video. Audio description enhances the accessibility of your videos by helping you to reach out to the visually challenged audience.

Ways to Get Your Videos Closed Captioned

Generally, there are two ways by which you can get your videos closed captioned.

One way is by doing it on your own. There are quite a few online tools available for you to caption your video. Another more reliable way to get it done is by outsourcing to professional captioning service providers.

Whichever way you choose to get your captioning done, you get time-coded text files. Once caption files are available, you must integrate the file into your videos.


how to identify ideal closed captioning partner

Closed captioning or subtitling is swiftly gaining popularity among organizations to drive substantial traffic to their marketing videos. They understand that quality traffic generation on to marketing content in turn helps them in quality lead generation. Captioning or subtitling marketing videos is one quick way to drive traffic and reach out to broader prospects.

Companies understand that creating closed captions is not a simple task and inaccurate subtitles or captions can hurt their marketing efforts very badly. This prompts them to look for caption service providers with certain qualities. Let us look at some of the factors that content owners consider while identifying ideal service providers for their captioning needs.

Closed Caption Accuracy:

The first and the most important factor that the companies, considering to invest in closed captioning, look for is the accuracy of captions. To create accurate closed captions, the service providers should get their transcription right. Nowadays, a lot of service providers depend on automated tools to deliver final transcript for creating captions. This is one of the fastest means to create transcripts, but entirely depending on such automated tools can hurt caption quality really bad. The best transcription accuracy these tools give is not more than 95% while ideal accuracy is at least 98%. So, having qualified and highly experienced professionals is the only way to hit target accuracy.

Closed Caption Synchronization & Placement:

Another factor is accurate synchronization of closed captions to the visuals. Captions should appear exactly corresponding to the visual frames of the videos. The captions should also be placed properly without hindering the visuals. The captions should be easily readable and should not overlap.

Turnaround Time:

It is very important for the service providers to stick to the timelines. This is an essential factor people look while hiring caption service providers.

Security & Confidentiality:

Organizations would definitely want their content to be secure. Organizations enter into a confidentiality agreement with the service providers.

These are some of the key factors to be considered while zeroing in on an ideal captioning service partner.

Subtitling helps your commercials to reach out wider

It makes sense to spend a little extra to create subtitles or closed captions for your advertisements as it allows your adverts to connect with a larger audience. It is estimated that over 10 million people in the UK are facing difficulty with hearing loss. This means that there is a significant chance for UK TV advertisers to extend their influence to this community by having subtitles on their commercials.

It is also estimated that there are more than 3 million people in the UK exercising English as their second language, and advertisements in English are not really getting the message across to these people. Subtitling would significantly help this community to comprehend advertisements with fast and accented English dialogues.

With subtitles running on them, your advertisements communicate to your potential customers even with the volume turned off. Subtitling helps to comprehend adverts even in public and other noisy environments like restaurants, gyms, airports, bars, etc.

Companies that operate globally would need their commercials to communicate with a diverse set of audience spreading across the globe. Rather than recreating commercials in different languages, it is always better for these companies to create subtitles in different languages for their adverts. This essentially helps to cut down the cost of creating commercials multiple times. Creating subtitles or captions in multiple languages is apparently less expensive than recreating commercials multiple times in different languages.

In addition to reaching out to a wider audience; subtitling your advertisements can also help when you repurpose your commercials for social media. While ads are played on social media like Facebook or Instagram, often they are muted. When users interact with the commercials in social media, they do not have audio to deliver the context. Subtitling your advertisement engages your users, which in turn increases the impact of your advertisement. So, subtitles are not only important for your broadcast TV, but it is all the more important when you repurpose your ads for social media.

Digital Nirvana Partners with Clearcast to Provide Subtitles for Advertisements

Digital Nirvana, leading global provider of media solutions, has entered into a partnership with Clearcast to provide subtitles for commercials in the UK market. The service is offered through an easy-to-use online portal called The advertisers can upload their videos and get them subtitled quickly through this portal.

Clearcast is the UK’s sole television clearance house that looks at about 61,000 TV commercials a year. Being able to upload commercials online and have subtitling done in minutes is going to be a big benefit for the UK advertising agencies as it speeds up the process, and would also reduce the barrier that is holding back advertisement subtitling in the UK.

Cloud-based caption generation, caption synchronization and video logging services among booth highlights  

Fremont, CA, February 21, 2018Digital Nirvana to  showcase its full suite of media management products and services at the upcoming 2018 NAB Show, running from April 9-12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC).

Among the services to be on display at Digital Nirvana’s NAB booth are  cloud-based caption generation caption synchronization and video logging. Product highlights such as CART/TS Transport Stream Analyze and Replay and Monitor IQ 5.2 will also be key areas in the Digital Nirvana booth (#SU10121).

Digital Nirvana’s services provide an integrated automated workflow for closed captioning, subtitling, caption synchronization, video logging, and metadata creation. Its Media Management Platform and suite of broadcast monitoring products establish a simple set up for content creation, capture, repurpose and delivery, while monitoring video and audio for quality and compliance.

digital nirvana to showcase its media management products and services at nabshow 2018


The company offers high-quality cloud-based Caption Generation for all pre-recorded and online video content through an automated process over the cloud with options to create multiple formats and integrate directly to the user’s video platform. Automated speech-to-text conversion coupled with state-of-the-art workflow and experienced captioners reduces the time and cost to publish and provides better search engine discoverability while complying with FCC guidelines.

Digital Nirvana’s cloud-based Caption Synchronization service automatically re-aligns live broadcast captions for online usage. Captions can be synchronized for an entire show, short clips, and montages. And text can be revised on final captions for FCC compliance.

“With our caption synchronization, live broadcast captions are repurposed automatically for online delivery,” explained Hiren Hindocha, President and CEO, Digital Nirvana. “Our service provides near-live synchronization and the ability to generate the proper formatting for all potential channels.”

Online video providers (OVD’s) and Subscription video on demand (SVOD) services can benefit from Digital Nirvana’s Subtitling Creation Service by utilizing its automated speech-to-text capabilities for increased efficiency and high-volume handling. It delivers  multi-format or customized versions that can be integrated directly into existing workflows. The service provides subtitling generation in all standard formats for broadcast and IP delivery of video content.

With Digital Nirvana’s Video Logging service, media production houses and producers with a great deal of footage can improve editing efficiency, as well organize content and the discoverability within their data centers. With Video Logging service, users can automatically generate transcripts, keywords, etc. for the footage prior to editing for more efficient asset management and video editing. Users can also request high-quality transcripts of the video footages and can utilize the same in the production of script and subtitles.

Digital Nirvana’s Monitor IQ Cloud Service is a browser-based, on-the-go, broadcast monitoring and content repurposing SaaS.


On the product side, Digital Nirvana will showcase CAR/TS (Capture, Analyze, Replay – Transport Stream) transport stream recorder and Monitor IQ Media Management Platform.

CAR/TS (Capture, Analyze, Replay – Transport Stream) is a standalone media management product that records and monitors the transport stream, provides alerts of non-compliance, offers time-shifted playout, and allows users to cut segments and export section of the transport stream for more detailed analysis.

The solution also offers time-shifted playout for multiple time zone broadcasts and a disaster recovery solution for keeping a broadcaster’s signal on-air with recorded content. A full transport stream recorder performs analysis, replay and verification for future streams.

Monitor IQ Media Management Platform Lite allows users to monitor and repurpose content over a simple, web-based GUI without hardware but with the capacity to accommodate one ATSC channel along with sub channels FM/AM, ASI or SDI input.  

NAB is the largest annual gathering of our customer base,” said Hindocha. “It provides an ideal opportunity to connect with US and overseas current and potential customers. We create smart media management solutions that streamline workflows, and our newest solutions and services were developed in response to consumer demand in the ever-changing broadcast and content creation landscape. We look forward to showing NAB attendees how our technologies can improve their operations.”

About Digital Nirvana

Since 1996, Digital Nirvana has been empowering customers with innovative knowledge management technologies. By combining media and digital technology expertise, Digital Nirvana makes it possible for organizations to streamline operations and gain competitive advantage with advanced product and service offerings. A comprehensive service portfolio includes media monitoring and analysis, market intelligence and analytics, and learning management services. Digital Nirvana is headquartered in Fremont, California with offices in Hyderabad and Coimbatore, India.


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