Social Sharing is Made Easy with Our Media Management Platform

We understand that social media publishing is both time intensive and time sensitive. Whether it’s a last-minute touchdown or a dramatic event occurring in the middle of the night, that news must be customized for each of the social media networks – each with a different demographic, a different format and a different API. Social Sharing is Made Easy with Our Media Management Platform The latest version of our Media Management Platform provides social media publishing and service functions that enable users to personalize and customize their social media interaction with less time and resources:
  • One social media aspect of Version 2.0 of the platform is that customers have the ability to work with Digital Nirvana’s experienced team to have them handle time-and-effort-intensive media monitoring tasks.
  • Another way that the platform can make social media easier is through its social media publishing functions – which allows users to easily view and upload clips to their Web server, YouTube channel, CDN or AWS – right from the platform’s dashboard.
Digital Nirvana can help you gain more followers and better audience engagement by reviewing your broadcast video, clipping enticing content, packaging it with relative meta-data, and publishing it to your web and social media pages. To learn more about the social media features of the Media Management Platform, check out this brochure.

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