SMPTE Speaking Session on the Importance of Live Stream Monitoring

By Hiren Hindocha, CEO at Digital Nirvana

At the upcoming Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers’ (SMPTE) annual technical conference and exhibition in Hollywood, I look forward to giving a presentation on the importance of live stream monitoring. My presentation will take place during the session titled, “Evolving Technologies for Broadcast Facilities – Part 2” on October 23rd from 12-12:30.

Live stream monitoring is becoming more and more crucial to broadcasters. In the phases of the live stream workflow, many things can go wrong and compromise the user experience, yet networks may not even be aware of workflow fails unless they’re monitoring their live stream programming.

The benefits of live stream media monitoring go far beyond quality control and analysis. Live stream media monitoring, logging and recording also helps with compliance and ad run verification.  New FCC web captioning mandates make it necessary for broadcasters to monitor and record their live streams to prove compliance.  Additionally, online advertisers now demand proof that their ad campaigns ran as scheduled. The easiest way to prove ad runs is to monitor and record the live stream.

While networks are equipped with the necessary tools to monitor traditional broadcasts, they’re lacking the same for streamed media. Currently, when broadcasters do monitor streamed content, they do so with a labor-intensive, manual approach. The solution lies in a cloud-based, automated, scalable system that can reliably monitor and record the live streamed programming of broadcasters. This industry demand is why we developed AnyStreamIQ, the first cloud-based solution for live stream monitoring.

My SMPTE presentation will delve deeper into these points and highlight the key advantages and methods of performing live stream monitoring today. To find out more about the conference, check out the SMPTE website.  To see the agenda, please visit the program schedule.