SMPTE Presentation: The Importance of Live Stream Monitoring

By Hiren Hindocha, CEO at Digital Nirvana

As part of  the recent SMPTE session “Evolving Technology for Broadcast Facilities – Part 2” held in Hollywood last month, I had the opportunity to discuss some of our most recent technology developments to a room filled with roughly 100 industry engineers. It was a pleasure to speak to such a highly qualified, attentive audience.

My presentation, “The Importance of Live Stream Monitoring,” delved into why and how monitoring live video streams has become so vital to broadcasters’ future success. As live streaming has increased in popularity, reliable live stream monitoring has become crucial. Live stream monitoring, logging and recording also helps with compliance and ad run verification.  New FCC web captioning mandates require broadcasters to monitor and record live streams to prove compliance.  Additionally, online advertisers now demand proof that their ad campaigns ran as they were scheduled. The easiest way to prove ad runs is to monitor and record the live stream.

Our AnyStreamIQ™ is the industry’s first cloud-based solution for streamed media monitoring. It provides recording, logging and monitoring of live and recorded streamed broadcasts for web captioning compliance and proof of advertising. It’s designed specifically for the new streamed media monitoring requirements of broadcasters, content creators, aggregators and distributors.

While networks are equipped with the necessary tools to monitor traditional broadcasts, they’re lacking the same for streamed media. Currently, when broadcasters monitor streamed content, they do so with a labor-intensive, manual approach. A cloud-based, automated, scalable system can reliably monitor a broadcaster’s live streamed programming.

As a cloud-based subscription service, there is no hardware or software to install. Users just specify the URL of the stream, and AnyStreamIQ records the streams, extracts the closed captions, and provides a browser-based interface to search the recorded streams.

Members of a major network contacted me after the SMPTE presentation to see how best to set up a monitoring system for their organization.  I definitely look forward to attending more SMPTE-sponsored events and participating in panels and presentations during upcoming shows.

You can view a slideshow of my presentation by visiting this site.

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