Simplify Your Media Management with Our Platform’s ATSC Tuner

Simplify Your Media Management with Our Platform’s ATSC Tuner

At Digital Nirvana, we strive to make media management as efficient as possible for our customers. That’s why our Media Management Platform comes equipped with lots of useful features to streamline operations, and one of those features is an on-board ATSC tuner.

The ATSC tuner provides a direct RF input into the broadcaster’s server, and eliminates the need for an off-board receiver that would add to cost, rack space and power requirements. The platform accepts all channels on the ATSC feed, and can record all channels in the multiplex, which is typically one HD program and one to three SD programs.

With the on-board ATSC tuner, the platform can use the data in the event information table (EIT) within the ATSC stream to create a program guide on the user interface and automatically record content.

The ATSC tuner streamlines media management operations, making it possible to record multiple broadcasts with a singe RF input, for 24/7 recording or selective program recording. Users can also record competitor channels if desired.

Find out more about our Media Management Platform and how it can save your organization time, money, race space, and power by visiting our product page, giving us a call at +1 (510) 226-9000, or shooting us an email at You can also find out more via our ATSC tuner application brief here.