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Caption Quality Check

Caption Quality Check from Digital Nirvana understands the inherent conflicts involved in producing quality content and has the technology and resources in place to quickly put business requirements into production. The need for content to exist in a broad online ecosystem including OTT, social media, and other internet-based outlets in addition to traditional broadcast channels is made easy with Digital Nirvana's Caption Quality Check, which understands the needs of the end-users and creates solutions that are purpose built with broadcasters and OTT content providers in mind. Some of the product’s key features include, caption quality check, technical conformance, operational conformance, format conversion, and frame rate conversion.

Key features:

Seamless workflow: A simple, automatic and customized workflow allows customers to automate their requests via APIs and work order assignments to maximize productivity. Flexibility: Caption Quality Check accepts different caption sidecar file formats such as SCC, SRT, EBU-STL, WebVTT, SMPTE-TT, and JSON as inputs via the portal, S3 bucket, and APIs. A combination of technology and manual intervention ensures premium-quality output, providing publish-ready captions in the format requested for distribution in various platforms, including OTT and VOD. Caption Synchronization: Integration with speech-to-text technology helps with the accurate identification of lost content or unsynchronized captions. Technical Conformance: The portal supports UTF-8 encoding for TTML files; it confirms the existence of caption data and helps decode them. Its efficient alerting mechanism ensures that content providers are notified immediately when captions go out of sync. The solution also has timecode continuity, line ending detection, media service process creation, and workflow testing that ensures premium quality. Operational Conformance: Identifying illegal characters, text frame gaps, unsynchronized text-frame duration in caption files, non-detection of speaker IDs, tampered CC paint style, and sending alerts to the end user when the guidelines are not met. User Friendly: The flexible, customized solution lets users select only the services customers opt for based on their business requirements. For example, the alerting mechanism may be all that a customer would require, or in other cases, customers could ask for specific services pertaining to any specific technical and operational conformance. Digital Nirvana’s Closed Caption Quality Check provides users publish ready captions for all OTT platforms.

Digital Nirvana’s Closed Captioning Services

To facilitate broadcasters and media houses worldwide to have closed captions added to their videos, we offer both Live and Post Production captioning services with near-live to weekly turnaround options for a variety of video formats.

Digital Nirvana’s Live Captioning Services provides customers with a workforce comprising highly skilled captioners, who, while adhering to the stringent accuracy standards in the industry, ensure that the output is of the highest quality, even in cases of difficult accents, that meet compliance standards and end-user expectations. This team is ably supported by a dedicated technical and operations team, and an enterprise-level workflow that makes the process highly efficient, effective, and reliable.

Segments are assigned to Individual captioners, who prepare extensively by checking customer-provided reference materials including scripts, subjects, presentation materials, etc., and also by logging in keywords, names, locations and the like, to ensure faster turnarounds. Seamless switching avoids delays and lags, providing the best in viewer experience without any loss of information. Customers are also provided with options to download a sidecar file for the same content.

Digital Nirvana’s Post-Production Captioning workflow provides multiple options for data transfer including SFTP, API, weblink, AVID Interplay direct transfer, etc. Easy integration of APIs to customer workflows reduces manual intervention, making the process highly efficient. Our cloud-based architecture ensures secure and smooth transaction of assets. Automated speech-to-text enables transcript editors to receive the output from an automated system for further editing for higher accuracy. The processed files further, are passed on to the caption editors who process the content based on the guidelines prescribed by the customer to ensure best quality. Files are prioritized based on turnarounds and skill-set requirements. Preliminary files can be provided upon request, which would be a direct output from the automated speech-to-text engine. Customers can opt for output formats including SCC, SRT, EBU-STL, WebVTT, SMPTE-TT, JSON, H.264 SEI Embedded CEA-608/708, that best suit their business needs.

We offer Cloud-based Closed Captioning services for live and post-production content for broadcast and online delivery including pre-recorded TV shows, online video clips, streaming videos, sports, news, corporate sessions, lectures, events, and house of worship videos. The combination of automated speech-to-text that leverages machine learning and experienced captioners help deliver accurate and compliant captions efficiently. We provide both caption generation and caption synchronization services. We set up customized workflows for our customers. The simple and secure REST API-based data transaction can be easily integrated into the customer's existing workflow, which makes the process of submitting job requests, uploading media files, previewing and exporting transcripts, and captioning files, easy.

Why Digital Nirvana

With a proven combination of machine and human intelligence, we constantly strive to exceed client expectations. Our captions are periodically evaluated in order to maintain an accuracy threshold of 98% even on difficult accents, on par with industry standards.

Our compliance with the regulatory requirements for closed captions ensures that our customers meet them. The center of excellence team constantly evaluates and updates compliance standards from organizations such as FCC in the US, CRTC in Canada, OfCom in the UK etc.

Our adherence to stringent security standards ensures protection of customer assets in accordance with best practices and highest industry standards.

Our seamless integration capabilities with customer workflows minimize manual intervention and makes the process highly efficient.

Our team of highly experienced captioners ensure that captions delivered are reliable, accurate and quick.

With the ability to leverage advanced technology and customized workflow, our captions are competitively priced.

With round the clock customer support, we are available when you need us the most. Our customer support team ensures quick response to any queries or support you might need.

With the FCC regulation for captions on Sports and Alert News published over the web came into effect from 1st July 2017, the need for real time captioning and web publishing of broadcasted video content is on the upside.

Digital Nirvana’s all-new revolutionary closed caption synchronization solution has been put together to address this need. Get quality near-live synchronized captioning of your unsynchronized captions for web delivery, which is aimed to reduce the lag time between broadcast and IP delivery. For sports and alert news clips with 8-12 hour window for captioning on web, our services also offer proofreading and editing of captions with high accuracy.

How We Do It?

Our caption synchronization solution is designed specifically to reduce manual intervention. The process dealt by Digital Nirvana consists of few simple and organized steps through which broadcasters today can benefit in multiple ways whether it is to reduce errors or to save time.

The live broadcast is captured after which fingerprinting of the same is carried out. Then synchronization within the video clip(s) is done. The content is then delivered back to customers in a near-live pace so that it can be distributed onto their internet portals. The compact solution as a whole ensures a faster, hassle-free and a much advanced technological service to synchronize existing captions.

Digital Nirvana’s Best Practices

Perfect Synchronization: We synchronize the timing of captions as closely as possible to the audio narration. We take pride in sharing that our services don’t leave any chance for a notable delay.

Importance to Musical Cues: Readily accessible and available descriptions of sound effects and musical backgrounds, to those who wish them- taken care of!

Accurate Captioning: Not only free of grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors, our team shall also ensure a consistent format, style or font while synchronizing the text to the multimedia content.

Video content streaming is one of the most happening trends in the digital world today whether it is for generating brand awareness or to directly drive sales or for mere portrayal of oneself. Visual presentations are sweeping over plain textual content at a very fast pace. With rising consumption of non-textual multimedia by the global population, video content producers or dealers are facing increased challenges to hold up to the industry’s expectations and the high competition. Advertising agencies, marketing firms and other corporate sectors which deal with video in either of the ways are urged to think out of the box, invest smart and increase the ROI from their existing libraries.

Video subtitling companies play a magnificent role here since the concept of subtitling of any video clip has today become an integral part beyond compliance into customer acquisition. Its ability to boost the content discoverability is one of the top most factors for its high adoption rates across industries all over the world. Support from the law by the requisition of subtitles or closed captions on all video formats has opened the doors to a revolutionary world of subtitling, closed captioning, caption synchronization and transcription.

Why Digital Nirvana

Digital Nirvana’s media services are equipped to cater to a wide range of customers. Our clients include production houses for movies, shows, plays, corporate for internal or promo videos, faith organization or house of worship for sermons, educational institutions for lecture or class content, government or law for court hearings or assembly meetings. Practically, any entity that utilizes visual content and requires text for speech or non-speech items to be displayed can avail our subtitling services.

We add subtitles to video online. Our services also cover movies, TV shows, corporate meetings, training videos, seminars, universities or school lecture videos. Service experience of over two decades coupled with a passionate and dedicated approach towards adopting technological advancements into the process has helped deliver quality services to our customers while containing costs. Our decade long relationships and above 95% customer retention is our pride.

Key Benefits

  • Content Security: Secure your data with our cloud-based architecture
  • Multiple Format Outputs: including customized formats
  • Flexible Customer Care
  • Quick Turnarounds: ranging from 2 hours
  • Automated Workflow: leveraging speech-to-text for efficient processing
  • Accurate and Synchronous: subtitles free of typos, grammatical/punctuation errors
  • Tailor-made Solutions: integrates with customer’s existing process to automate content acquisition and subtitle file delivery
  • High volume handling capacity

Video Logging is essentially a service provided for Media, Broadcasting or production companies for a variety of reasons based on their requirements. Video logging helps to search and access their desired visual clip quickly from a large media file that makes a media editor’s life a lot easier. Video logs are also effective in recapturing the visual moments at any required time.

Metadata creation is another service that goes hand-in-hand with video logging. Metadata is created based on client-specific requirements like time code, shot description, dialogue transcript, etc.

Digital Nirvana’s Video Logging Service

At Digital Nirvana, we make great systems by strapping together our media and digital technology expertise. With our highly accurate and cost-effective video logging and metadata services, you can now capture, organize and manage your video data with a lot more ease.

Our video logging service is competent enough to meet any client-specific technical and metadata requirements.

How We Do It

Digital Nirvana’s technically qualified media experts carefully scan through the entire video broadcast and make log notes covering key information regarding the video (date, time, location, and other metadata).

Too big, too small…? File size doesn’t matter; our frame-accurate metadata help your editors to instantly pick the exact clip that you are looking for.

What Makes Us the Best?

We are in the business for over two decades and are fueled with experienced, innovative and dedicated work force that tirelessly delivers high-quality media products. Our highly diligent R&D team is constantly looking to enhance our great products.

Digital Nirvana’s proven automated process helps to amplify productivity at a much quicker turnaround.

How Easy Is To Avail Our Service?

Just sign in to our online ordering and tracking system or dial in to speak to our experts at any time of your convenience, it’s as easy as that.

Give us your specific requirements with the timeline; your video log is delivered in the format that you ask for and we do respect your timeline.

Entertainment industry is incurring humongous loss due to various forms of piracy, adversely affecting music companies, artists, other stakeholders, etc. There is a sharp increase in the count of entities beginning to opt for content tracking to take necessary precautions to avoid losses due to duplication. Proportionally, the concept of metadata of copyrighted songs is globally on the rise.

Digital Nirvana offers a copyrighted content tracking service using powerful audio fingerprinting technology to identify and tag copyrighted songs and programs across a large network of monitored radio stations. Our advanced technology can accurately monitor what songs are played and when. An intuitive web-based architecture offers a comprehensive database with metadata of copyrighted songs and programs. In addition, clients receive detailed and customized reports of song data and activity.

Technologies and Benefits

  • Audio fingerprinting
  • Repeat audio detection
  • Metadata editing
  • Supports multiple languages and non-captioned broadcasts
  • Offers comprehensive reference databases and metadata of copyrighted songs and programs
  • Provides detailed and customized reports of song data and activity

With our signature Automated Transcription Technology, it is now possible for you to stream preliminary transcripts live on to your work flows. Complete edited transcripts can also be delivered as a single dispatch at a turnaround of 1-1.5x the duration.

High Quality Transcription Services

We also have a hybrid transcription solution wherein the automated transcripts are shot to our manual workflow where it is further proof read and edited by our highly experienced transcription professionals for a superior quality. We provide extremely reliable tailor-made solutions with our efficient automated workflow at a quicker turnaround.

Formats - Transcripts

We deliver transcripts in any format specified by our customers. Let to us know your specifications.

Coverage By Our Digital Transcription Services

  • General Events — Corporate Conference Calls, Corporate Seminars, Educational Forums, Workshop Proceedings, Press Briefings, Meetings.
  • Business and Financial — Investors Meetings, Conference Calls, Teleconferences, Product Launch Meets, Financial Reports.
  • Media Related — Documentaries, Talk Shows, Interviews, etc.
  • Law Firms — Legal reports, arbitration & court transcriptions, etc.
  • Educational — Content from research, thesis, seminars, lectures.
  • Political and Government Liaisons — Meetings, Hearings, etc.

You can get in touch with our experts 24*7 for any of your specific transcription needs.