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As we all know, there is a dynamic growth in the online education industry. Content has high impact capabilities in eLearning courses, and the adoption for quality content development around the world has sharply risen. Creating unique content for technical or creative purposes based on the requirement can be challenging in terms of both money and time. Mere development or creation of content clearly does not suffice. Managing the content throughout its lifecycle from creation to temporary or permanent storage, retrieval, deletion, modification, recycling and others hold as important as development of the content. Based on the varied requirements, finding the right type of management procedure can be quite a task. Digital Nirvana is one of the fastest growing independent organizations that provides genuinely immersive and highly-engaging content development and management services for many types of education-based firms. Key Benefits
  • Time saving platform
  • Increase content engagement
  • Improved overall visibility to audience
  • Consumer satisfaction
  • Customized service
  • On-time and accurate delivery of content

Learning or teaching is no longer limited to four walls. Immense advancement in the internet and technology has brought the world at our doorsteps. This is the case with education industry as well. The concept of online learning platforms has proved to be a business worth being in, and Digital Nirvana nurtures this non-conventional virtual classroom environment through its global Tutoring services.

What We Do

Over these years, we have considerably reduced gap between high demand from students and actual availability of online tutors. Students across the world can take advantage of our service to instantly gain access to tutors for any desired subject according to their choice. While the solution is capable of serving courses in any global language, Digital Nirvana’s online tutoring enables a seamless experience of sharing of audio/video, texts, files, folders between parties.

Key Takeaways

  • flexible sessions
  • doubt clarification schedules
  • fun and engaging courses
  • easy connections with multiple tutors
  • platform for feedback, rating and choosing tutors
  • service for any global language
Lecture capture is essentially the process of capturing the contents of a seminar or a lecture to deliver it to students at a later time of their convenience. Digital Nirvana’s online lectures are designed to provide seamless virtual reality experience through lecture or session recordings, which the students can access at any time of their choice. Our highly professional capture system facilitates students to have a real-time experience of the courses with utmost clarity. 24*7 hassle-free doubt clarification sessions and the increased discover-ability of the recordings have proved to be of quality value addition as a whole for both learners and teachers. Multiple-Source Capture Together with the lecture capture we also capture a varied range of supporting materials from slideshows to smartboards synchronized with the record presentation. LIVE STREAMING, RECORDING & STORAGE: Digital Nirvana offers students with real-time virtual classroom experience which includes HDMI streaming of online lectures together with the additional support study materials. Our recording and storage solutions help students to revisit the lectures at their convenience. HDMI Recording Digital Nirvana’s high-quality synchronized HDMI recordings can be integrated to any platform opted by users. It provides convenience for students to attend classes virtually without losing the in-class experience. Record/Store in Cloud or Data Center Synchronized recording and archives assists students to revisit classes when required. Flexible options to record and store in the cloud or in-premise data centers are the key benefits of this service. CONTENT DISTRIBUTION Multi-platform integration, easy & flexible access, increased search-ability has successfully impressed students to consume the archived online lectures. Improved Discoverability With our highly accurate subtitles, transcripts and metadata, it is very easy for students to pull out any piece of lesson from a whole lecture. This saves a considerable amount of their time on searching. Video Tagging Ability to provide search functionality for videos that doesn’t have subtitle/transcripts is all about video tagging. Multiple search factors including metadata, Boolean, keyword, annotation and tags will be adopted by the experts.

Online education is revolutionizing contemporary education gaining wide popularity for the convenience it offers. We have seen immense growth in the non-conventional educational practices the recent years creating a very high demand. The growing demand for higher quality of online education system is prompting the institutions and organizations to improve their standards for tests and evaluation system.

Evaluation system has become an integral part of today’s online education system. Digital Nirvana, with the experience gained being in this industry for more than a decade, has developed a highly effective test scoring and correction platform.

How It Works

First, the tests are digitized and automatically pushed to our work flow for scoring. Once the scores are obtained, they are reviewed by our team of experts to ensure quality. The analysis includes constructive comments distinctly designed to assist long-term growth of the student.

Conventional forms of tests are rapidly being replaced with effective tests such as the rubric authentic assessment test. Digital Nirvana’s expertise in providing correction and scoring services for the same is backed by 12 years of experience.

Digital Nirvana’s test and correction concept is basically designed to offer additional value in the digital education arena by:

  • Saving long hours spent on correction of tests by teachers
  • Which further allows teachers to allot additional time to students
  • Individual attention to fortify the performance of the student(s)

Monitoring overall progress of the student in the long run

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