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Digital Nirvana’s wide range of offerings in market intelligence and analytics has helped organizations disseminate useful information to improve decision-making. We have a talented pool of professionals who are well-qualified and experienced with domain knowledge serving multiple industries.

With our sophisticated tools and proven methodologies, we have helped organizations make accurate and time-bound decisions by providing reliable research, analysis, and market intelligence.

  • Financial Summarization
    and Research

  • Audio Recording
    and streaming services

  • Secondary
    and Analysis

Financial Briefs – Digital Nirvana offers precise and consolidated quarterly and yearly corporate earnings calls, budget calls, or any other kind of financial-based events that require summarization is bundled and presented in the form of a financial brief. Our team of expert financial analysts listens, analyzes, and develops a summary of the entire financial session irrespective of the call duration. While we develop the fundamental briefing, we consider various aspects of the clients’ revenues, margins, profits, business models, etc. We also offer our service of summarizing the Q&A session, which is generally held post the conference summary. Key takeaways from the overall event and the Q&A session are put together in a client’s format.

Have you ever wondered how corporate events can be recorded to create archives or streamed live on your portals? Digital Nirvana’s Audio Recording and Streaming Service can help you do that with ease. By leveraging our industry experience spanning over two decades, we have mastered the art of recording, creating archives, and live streaming any event. Not just these, we can also develop transcripts of your audio events. Our cutting-edge technology automatically detects the URL and extracts the audio from the desired events to stream live or record for archives.

Secondary market research has gained importance in the last few decades, and its popularity has grown immensely. As organizations are beginning to understand the importance of summarizing, collating, analyzing, and conclusion from the existing research, the need for secondary research and analysis is growing across industries. This is the driving point of Digital Nirvana’s passion for delivering qualitative and quantitative research data to its clients. Leveraging our research team’s expertise, we summarize and analyze data based on the client requirements in personalized forms while considering various sources like newspapers, magazines, NGO statistics, authentic bodies’ databases, journals, government records, etc.

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