Media Management Platform

Digital Nirvana introduces a new media management platform that helps today’s broadcasters capture content from multiple sources, create content, and publish to multiple digital platforms while monitoring for quality and compliance. Our platform
  • Records multiple live video feeds in original recording and proxy format
  • Supports a variety of applications for capturing, editing, sharing and managing content
  • Allows multiple users throughout the Digital Nirvana environment to collaborate from any place at any time with an easy-to-use web based interface
Capture Capture and record multiple hybrid video feeds.
  • RF and QAM recording (no conversion)
  • SDI, ASI and IP
  • Original and proxy format recording
  • Program guide, continuous and scheduled recording
Edit Edit live, captured and stored content.
  • Frame accurate cut-clip
  • Multiple encoding profiles
  • Desktop or mobile access using standard web browser
  • Ad verification
  • OTT clipping
  • Content preparation
Share Quickly re-purpose content for multiple platforms.
  • Unlimited user account and role set-ups
  • LDAP and active directory support
  • Upload content to the web, mobile, social media and the Cloud
  • Export content for final editing, rebroadcast, MAM, and archiving
  • Web captioning
Manage Easily manage and search content.
  • Boolean and Expression searches
  • Search by title, key words, time-date, channel, closed caption, as-run and traffic logs, SCTE35 tones and reports,
  • NAS connect
  • Enterprise IT integration
Comply Log and monitor video content for regulatory or licensing requirements and quality control.
  • Compliance recording
  • Logging
  • Smart alerts
  • Quality control
  • Broadcast monitoring
Analyze Compare, review and analyze content for competitive analysis, legal reviews and cross-functional collaboration.
  • SmartAlerts reporting
  • Competitive analysis
  • Digital rights reviews
  • Director’s audio track
Optional Modules
  • Loudness
  • Variable speed playback
  • iPad/iPhone encoding
  • Centralized management
  • NAVE watermark decoding
Platform Hardware Digital Nirvana’s media management platform runs on a feature-rich hardware appliance that accepts multiple inputs in one unit, allowing broadcasters to do more with less hardware.
  • Hybrid Inputs: SDI, ASI, ASI-IP, ATSC and QAM
  • Recording Formats: SD/HD, 50 Hz, 60 Hz and DVB-T/C/S2 formats
  • Supports RF and Cable Card Technology recording from encrypted cable feeds in full HD — allowing for direct cable and off-air antenna recording (no conversion needed)
  • Includes industrial grade server with Linux OS, RAID 6HDD, built-in redundant power supplies and open IT connectivity
Available in three levels to meet a variety of needs
  • Essentials
  • Pro
  • Enterprise
  Media Management Platform
  • Records multiple live video feeds in original recording and proxy format
  • On-the-go accessibility
  • Easy collaboration throughout the environment to collaborate from any place at any time

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