Digital Nirvana’s Trance brings the AI advantage to your transcription, captioning, and translation workflows.

Trance is a cloud-based, enterprise-level SaaS platform, accessible from any web-enabled
computer to auto-generate transcripts, create closed captions and translate text into more than 100 different languages.

Watch how Trance is leveraging AI &
ML for captioning, transcription, and translation

Digital Nirvana leverages two decades of speech-to-text and knowledge management expertise to deliver greater productivity, shorter turnaround times, and improve both the speed and accuracy of the captioning process - all in an easy-to-use interface.

Trance: The Preferred Choice

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    Generate captions in 25 different languages and translate captions into 100+ additional languages - all in the same session

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    Auto-generate captions to conform with multiple style guidelines and file types - all in the shortest time frame possible

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    Trance is SaaS-based and accessible by all users, anywhere, anytime - from any web-enabled device

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    Produce captions up to 50% faster than conventional methods with maximum accuracy and accelerated speed of production

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