Bringing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Media Workflows

Digital Nirvana helps M&E with high-quality content production, content compliance, and monitoring throughout the delivery process

Digital Nirvana applies AI to media workflows and is proud to serve leading media companies, including Discovery, Disney, Viacom, Turner, CNN, Bloomberg, and many others.

Our products, Trance and MonitorIQ provide fast and compliant content production and delivery workflows with the A/I advantage. Trance is our SaaS-based application that uses AI to enhance content metadata by generating transcriptions, translations, captions, and subtitles. MonitorIQ, our leading compliance monitoring solution to assure content quality, technical compliance, and user experience throughout every phase of the delivery process.

Trance: AI-Advantage for Your Captioning, Transcription and Translation Workflows

Leverage AI & cloud for your captioning, transcription, and translation workflow.

This demo will walk you through Trance, Digital Nirvana’s AI-driven captioning service. Trance is a cloud-based, enterprise-level SaaS platform accessible from any web-enabled computer to generate automated transcripts, create closed captions, translate text into multiple languages, and export media in any number of industry-supported formats. You will be acquainted with many industry-first innovations to make your content creation more effective.

MonitorIQ: Opening Doors to AI & ML-Enabled Compliance and Monitoring

AI & ML technologies let you monitor your broadcast content anytime and anywhere.

In this demo, we will take you through Digital Nirvana’s AI-powered compliance and monitoring application, MonitorIQ 7.0. Hailed as the industry’s best compliance monitoring solution, MonitorIQ’s version 7 allows to record content from any point in the video delivery chain and allows the operators to record, store, monitor, analyze, and repurpose content quickly and efficiently with minimum clicks. You will be acquainted with many industry-first innovations to make your compliance logging more effective.