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FREMONT, Calif. — July 8, 2020 — Digital Nirvana today announced the launch of MediaServicesIQ™, a comprehensive suite of cloud-based microservices that leverage advanced AI and machine-learning (ML) capabilities to streamline media production, postproduction, and distribution workflows. MediaServicesIQ provides a comprehensive, one-stop portal by which users can access Digital Nirvana’s high-performance, AI-powered technology solutions: Automated Transcription and Captioning, speech-to-text, content classification, closed caption generation and conformance, and a video intelligence engine that can detect ads, logos, objects, and faces.

Automated transcription and Captioning

“The promise of AI and ML is being touted throughout the media industry, and these technologies do offer powerful potential for new efficiencies, time savings, and expanded potential for monetizing valuable content. But AI and ML tools need to be accessible and easy to apply in order to see widespread adoption in the media industry,” said Russell Wise, senior vice president at Digital Nirvana. “That’s exactly what we’ve done with MediaServicesIQ. We’ve created a set of core AI capabilities and made them available in a layer that can be easily accessed by newsrooms, live sports and entertainment productions, post houses, and other media operations to expedite critical processes, reduce mundane tasks, and free creative personnel to do their jobs.”

The microservices in MediaServicesIQ integrate easily with media workflows used by broadcasters and media houses, helping them leverage AI/ML technologies within existing workflows. Media ServicesIQ provides an easy-to-access portal to cloud-based AI/ML services through custom-developed workflows.

Building upon internal custom or industry-standard production and monitoring workflow platforms, MediaServicesIQ provides access to a collection of high-performance AI capabilities in the cloud that encompass speech-to-text, video intelligence, and generation of metadata that can be orchestrated to provide intelligence and actionable insights. These capabilities enable intelligent and immediate logging and feedback of content quality and compliance, better positioning broadcasters to meet regulatory, compliance, and licensing requirements for closed captioning, decency, and advertising monitoring.

Watch: MediaServicesIQ: an AI-based platform to mine intelligent insights from audio and video assets

MediaServicesIQ provides an easy-to-access portal to these services through custom-developed workflows or through seamless access to Digital Nirvana’s award-winning applications including MonitorIQ 7.0, MetadatorIQ, and Trance.

An integration of the AI microservices with Digital Nirvana’s MonitorIQ 7.0 compliance logging system enables powerful insights and video intelligence applications, including:

  • The ability to record, store, and retrieve content for compliance, quality of service, and insights into broadcast content
  • Automatic transcription of content from live broadcasts and commercials
  • Automated detection of logos, objects, faces, and shots
  • Automatic extraction of on-screen text
  • The ability to identify ad breaks in logged content
  • The ability to identify restricted words or topics in recorded/logged content, as well as the classification of incoming ad material for restricted content
  • Generation of automated reports for loudness compliance, QoE, SCTE inserts, and ad detection and identification
  • Automatic content classification
  • The ability to assess the quality and conformance of captions

MediaServicesIQ integrates with Digital Nirvana’s MetadataIQ to provide automated metadata creation in preproduction, production, and live content workflows. Optimized for Avid MediaCentral | Production Management assets, MetadatorIQ applies advanced AI- and ML-based content analysis for automatic generation of better-structured, more detailed, and more accurate metadata. Media operations benefit in two key ways — first, with tremendous time savings in up-front metadata generation, and then by giving producers the ability to zero in on the assets they need right away.

Purpose-built for media and entertainment operators, MediaServicesIQ empowers users to unlock the power of AI with no significant upfront capital expense, or in-house expertise. Our adaptive technology is designed to handle future industry standards while our open API architecture makes integration with existing workflows seamless and easy. AI & ML-empoweredpost-production workflowsEmpowering decisions with intelligent insights from audio-video assets.

MediaServicesIQ is the gateway to Digital Nirvana’s suite of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities. The platform makes technologies such as speech-to-text, video intelligence, closed caption conformance, and content classification easily accessible while providing actionable insights.

AI/ML empowered post-production workflows to enable broadcasters to have new efficiencies like video intelligence and speech-to-text technology, save time, and monetize valuable content.

MediaServicesIQ help organizations amplify their media workflows by adopting Trance which offers AI & ML-driven efficiencies for captioning, transcription, and translation. Digital Nirvana’s Technology Stack with its user-friendly interface, MediaServicesIQ provides solutions and a technology stack that includes machine learning, artificial intelligence, and microservices.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Speech-To-Text: The cloud-based STT engines automate the generation of transcripts of content in 30 different languages.Generate time-coded, speech-based metadata for audio, and video content.
  • Automatic Preliminary Caption/Subtitle Generation: Generate faster, scalable, reliable, and secure preliminary, machine-generated, time-synced closed caption sidecar outputs in various formats for further processing.
  • Closed Caption Conformance: Generate reports on non-conformance parameters within an existing CC sidecar file against guidelines for other platforms like Netflix, saving time and effort.
  • Content Classification: Upload video content and automatically create a classification for content and advertisements using various classification labels.
  • Integration with Media Workflows: MediaServicesIQ enables off-the-shelf integration with the Avid system and easily interfaces with existing workflows using REST API.
  • 24/7 Support: Digital Nirvana’s experience, backed by a worldwide support team, ensures that our customers get application-level availability, security, comprehensive visibility, and quick response.

For automatic closed caption/subtitle generation and closed-caption quality conformance, MediaServicesIQ provides seamless access to Digital Nirvana’s Trance 3.0 toolset. Trance unites cutting-edge STT technology and other AI-driven processes with cloud-based architecture to bring metadata generation and closed captioning into existing operations, enabling media companies to radically reduce the time and cost of delivering accurate, compliant content for publishing worldwide. They also can enrich and classify content, enabling more effective repurposing of media libraries and facilitating more intelligent targeting of advertising spots.