New MonitorIQ Broadcast Monitoring System from Digital Nirvana Delivers Unparalleled Functionality in an Affordable, Networked Appliance

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Future-ready features combined with scalability, ease of management, and a low total cost of ownership make MonitorIQ BMS a compelling broadcast monitoring solution for organizations of all sizes.

Newark, California – April 20, 2009 – Digital Nirvana, Inc., a California-based provider of media industry solutions, today unveiled MonitorIQ Broadcast Monitoring System (MonitorIQ BMS), a cutting-edge solution that includes a number of unique features not available in other commercial products. With years of experience providing analytical services to the broadcast and media intelligence industries, Digital Nirvana saw many clients struggle with broadcast monitoring systems that had limited functionality, couldn’t scale efficiently, and hadn’t kept pace with advancing technology. MonitorIQ BMS is a next-generation broadcast monitoring system with a rich set of capabilities that handle signal monitoring, logging, archiving, content repurposing, and competitive analysis – with an underlying scalable design that helps broadcasters improve their productivity and bottom line.

Each MonitorIQ BMS appliance incorporates a multi-channel recorder, from one to four built-in intelligent tuners, and customizable storage. Broadcasters can add more appliances to the network as needed, to monitor dozens or even hundreds of channels. Tuners automatically switch channels based on the recording schedule, so hardware requirements are minimized, and only a single signal input is needed. Each MonitorIQ BMS tuner is capable of simultaneously recording all subchannels on each DTV channel in standard definition or HD, and HD recordings can be retrieved and repurposed.

“With a challenging economic climate and new online competitors, broadcasters are increasingly under pressure to streamline operations while delivering content to new locations in new formats,” commented Digital Nirvana President and Chief Executive Officer Hiren Hindocha. “We have designed MonitorIQ to meet these challenges while positively impacting the bottom line.” With included adapters for the most popular broadcast business systems, MonitorIQ TMS integrates and streamlines workflows to automate previously manual interfaces and tasks. With automatic logging of signal transmission problems and an interface to station traffic systems, for example, sales staff can quickly verify whether ads were affected. The ability to ingest ratings and advertising rate data makes competitive analysis easy to do in-house, saving the expense of external intelligence service subscriptions.

A central, Web-based interface makes it easy to remotely set up recording schedules or review broadcast content, regardless of media location or number of appliances on the network. With no license limits on the number of clients, staff can access recorded content or schedule recordings from any location, at the station or remotely, from any browser-equipped device.

MonitorIQ TMS recording schedules can be created by time block, by channel, or by episode. Non-stop recording can also be set for compliance logging purposes. Closed captions are captured in text format, and recorded programming is encoded on-the-fly so it can be viewed within seconds. Content is easy to retrieve, with searching on closed captions, by program, by date range, or by channel. Advanced full-text keyword search, Boolean logic, and filtering by date and channel are available. By interfacing to networked storage, extensive archive files can also be searched quickly using the same, flexible user interface.

MonitorIQ BMS can repurpose recorded content in many formats – including Flash, MPG-2, MPG-4, and H.264 – positioning broadcasters to take advantage of the convergence of digital broadcast, Web, and mobile device technologies. Recorded content can be pushed to other network servers.

Reliability features include RAID 5 disk technology, redundant power options, and automatic switching for hot failover. Technical parameters such as processor load, free disk space, free memory, swap space, and system services are constantly monitored and preset trouble conditions can trigger an intelligent alert to be sent via email or instant message in real time. Signal transmission problems can also be set in advance to trigger intelligent alerts. Automated management capabilities such as auto-expiration and archiving ensure content is protected and handled appropriately.

Digital Nirvana’s Monitor IQ 4.0 Broadcast Monitoring System

Digital Nirvana staff will demonstrate MonitorIQ BMS at the 2009 NAB Show in Booth SU8808, located on the upper level of the South Hall. Detailed product information is also available at

About Digital Nirvana

Since 1996, Digital Nirvana has been empowering customers with robust, state-of-the-art knowledge management technologies. With extensive media industry expertise, Digital Nirvana makes it possible for organizations to streamline operations and gain a competitive advantage with innovative product and service offerings. The industry-leading MonitorIQ Broadcast Monitoring System from Digital Nirvana is a full-featured monitoring platform incorporating the most advanced capabilities available in an affordable, networked appliance. Digital Nirvana is headquartered in Newark, California and has operations in multiple locations globally.

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