Digital Nirvana Webinar: Leveraging AI, Cloud for Caption Generation


An enterprise-level, cloud-based web app for producing transcripts, captions and translations, backed by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, and geared toward easing many of the headaches involved with producing captioned content.

That’s the story behind software firm Digital Nirvana’s Trance, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that automatically produces transcripts, creates captions, translates text into alternate languages, export media in any number of industry-supported formats, and generates rich metadata along the way. During a May 18, 11 a.m. PT webinar, Digital Nirvana’s top minds will share why Trance has become a media and entertainment must-have.

“Attendees will understand how to harness AI and ML technologies to deliver greater productivity, shorter turnaround times, and improve both the speed and accuracy of the transcription, captioning, and translation process,” said Russell Wise, SVP of Digital Nirvana.

“They’ll learn how to upload content, automatically transcribe using speech-to-text, and use configurable presets to publish captions per company and digital distribution style guides.”

Wise will be joined by colleagues Ed Hauber, director of business development, and Russell Vijayan, business manager, as they share in the webinar “Leveraging AI and Cloud for the Generation of Captions” how Trance can help broadcasters gain the benefits of AI-driven processing within the familiar media workflows that drive their businesses, with the offering easily implemented into existing operations.

More effective repurposing of content libraries, streamlined workflows, and the ability to quickly meet the style demands of most any distribution platform are involved. With Trance, Digital Nirvana’s clients can see productivity gains of 35% to 70% or more compared to conventional desktop captioning applications and on-premise workflows, the company said.

“We’ll share how media is imported into Trance, how users can create, view and edit transcripts in a single window, configure presets and single-click generation of closed captions, configure presets for single-click generation of closed captions, and automatically translate text to a secondary language,” Wise said.