Digital Nirvana Offers Continued Support and Migration Path for Volicon Observer Users

Author:Wall Street Communications

FREMONT, Calif.—Aug. 24, 2020—With support for Volicon Observer now ended, Digital Nirvana, a provider of leading-edge media-monitoring and metadata generation services, is offering ongoing technicalsupport to users of Volicon Observer as well as the option to migrate tothe MonitorIQ broadcast monitoring and compliance logging platform.

“Now that Volicon Observer has reached end of life and is out of support, it’s critical for media operations that were using it to find options to keep it functioning,” said Russell Wise, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Digital Nirvana. “Additionally, when Volicon users are ready in the future, our MonitorIQ system offers the best migration option with the best match to the Observer feature set. What’s more, the core developers of the Volicon product line are now at Digital Nirvana. Who better to help former Observer users confidently transition to a new system than the experts who know both systems best?”

Refined by experts, including architects of the original Volicon Observer product, MonitorIQ is a secure, easy-to-use solution that allows broadcasters to record, store, monitor, analyze, and repurpose content. The platform enables broadcasters to collect and use knowledge about their broadcast content to meet a wide range of regulatory and compliance requirements. Built on a reliable and secure Linux platform, it is extensible into broadcast operations with open APIs. With MonitorIQ, broadcasters gain access to AI-based cloud microservices for closed caption generation; caption quality assessment; caption realignment; and video intelligence for objects, ads, logos, and facial recognition.

MonitorIQ gives broadcasters all the key features of Volicon’s beloved Observer product and improves upon each one to provide unparalleled broadcast monitoring and compliance capabilities. The latest version, MonitorIQ 7.0,has an updated and intuitive web interface, core feature improvements, and new cutting-edge capabilities, all of which combine to make everyday tasks effortless.

About Digital Nirvana

Founded in 1996, Digital Nirvana, with its repertoire of innovative solutions, specializes in empowering customers worldwide with knowledge management technologies. Digital Nirvana’s comprehensive service portfolio includes media monitoring and analysis, media solutions and services, investment research services, and learning management services. Customers rely on Digital Nirvana to improve operational efficiencies, ensure compliance, reduce costs, and protect revenue streams. Digital Nirvana’s compliance-driven solutions offer its customers unmatched quality, proven versatility, and best-in-class performance that help organizations to streamline operations and gain competitive advantage. Digital Nirvana is headquartered in Fremont, California with global delivery locations in Hyderabad and Coimbatore, India.