Digital Nirvana Makes Metadata Generation Tool Available To More Avid Users

Author:TV Technology

Avid users can now use MetadataIQ to generate metadata automatically without Interplay

FREMONT, Calif.—Digital Nirvana has added support for Avid CTMS APIs to its MetadataIQ software-as-a solution (SaaS) tool for automatically generating speech-to-text and video intelligence metadata, the company said today.

With the new Avid support, editors and producers using MetadataIQ can extract media directly from Avid Media Composer or Avid MediaCentral Cloud UX (MCCUS) rather than being required to connect first with Avid Interplay. As a result, broadcasters, post houses, sports organization and other Avid users are not required to have Interplay in their environments to use MetadataIQ, the company said.

The support gives all Avid Media Composer and MCCUS users the ability to insert speech-to-text and video intelligence metadata as markers within an Avid timeline, it said.

It also enables the ability to:

  • Ingest different types of metadata, such as speech to text, facial recognition, OCR, logos and objects, each with customizable marker durations and color codes for easy identification of metadata type.
  • Submit files without having to create low-res proxies or manually import metadata files into Avid Media Composer and MCCUX.
  • Automatically submit media files to Digital Nirvana’s transcription and caption service to receive the highest quality, human-curated output.
  • Submit data from MCCUX into Digital Nirvana’s Trance product to generate transcripts, captions and translations in-house and publish files in all industry-supported formats.

These capabilities will improve the workflow for media companies that use Avid Media Composer or MCCUX to produce content, it said.

“MetadataIQ used to only connect with Avid Interplay for media extraction, which meant customers had to use Interplay in their Avid environments to use MetadataIQ. With the success of MetadataIQ and its ability to enhance content production, Digital Nirvana… received a lot of requests from prospective customers to extend our services to non-Interplay users. And that’s exactly what we’ve done,” said Digital Nirvana CEO Hiren Hindocha.

“This integration makes it so editors can use MetadataIQ throughout the entire pipeline without having to create additional proxies, import metadata files or anything else — and no Interplay required,” he said.

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